What’s in a cappuccino – and How do You make One?


  I constantly hear the question “What’s in a Cappuccino”?  Because, we all know that cappuccino is an extremely popular beverage worldwide. Coffee in general has become a favorite drink as a versatile beverage ideal for mornings, for conversations, for business meetings, and other occasions. Over time, coffee lovers discovered countless ways and reasons to … Read more

What is French Press Coffee Maker?


  A French press coffee maker is a machine used to brew coffee differently to achieve a better tasting cup of Joe. It’s actually a simple way to make coffee with incredible results in taste. It extracts pure, robust coffee from coffee grounds, then filters the coffee with a mesh sieve and plunger. A French … Read more

Best Instant Coffee Review – Instant vs Brew


The process for making instant coffee is different to home brewing coffee. Instant coffee requires a drying process, then dehydrate the water, and transform it to powder form all done in volume by coffee production companies. Instant coffee requires only the hot water mix, then ready for consumption. Home brewing is processed at home by … Read more