Gourmet Coffee – Gift Set


For people who loves coffee,  they are known as amante de cafe = lover made of coffee. Why do people love to give gourmet coffee as gift sets? The two most practical reasons – and perhaps the most popular – more and more people like to drink coffee is because they love the taste, and … Read more

How to Use a Coffee Grinder – Improve Your Coffee Making Skills


Knowing how to choose a  coffee grinder for home is a perfect way to get more familiar with the higher quality coffee brewing process. It an important part to make your brew the way you want it, and when it comes to making an ideal cup of coffee, freshness is Key, achieved by fresh ground … Read more

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate


Cold brew coffee concentrate is the starting point of iced coffee! Flavorful, slow-brewed, simple, and super strong – the flawless brew to keep at your fingertips in a refrigerator is refreshing on a hot day! In this post, you will learn how to make cold brew coffee concentrate in easy steps. It begins with your … Read more

Starbucks Café au Lait – How to Make this Coffee


Starbucks café au lait is a French coffee with added milk. This type of drink originated from France; hence the French name. The drink is not made using espresso coffee; rather a dripping coffee mixed with steamed milk. The coffee often contains an equal portion of coffee and milk. However, there is no fixed ratio … Read more

Caffeine Overdose Signs


Caffeine overdose is a medical condition that rarely occurs; the condition is often related to the high intake of caffeine supplements or energy drinks that contain a high level of the stimulant. Children of all ages have higher chances of being affected by this condition; this is because their body still has a low tolerance … Read more

How to be an Espresso Aficionado


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A Review of Illy IperEspresso Capsules

and more Keurig’s K-Cup and Nespresso are currently are popular in the the K-cup and smart capsule market, but they are not the only capsules on the market. We have smart capsule products currently in the market place like Starbucks’s Verismo, Nespresso’s Original Line brewers, and the IperEspresso capsules lineup from Illy Cafe. While visiting … Read more

Moka Pot Review – A Detailed Buyer’s Guide

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Coffee and Antioxidants – All You Should Know


People have a different opinion when it comes to coffee; some people consider the drink to be an energizing drink while some believe it to be a healthy drink. Some other people believe it is harmful and addictive. Despite all the different opinions we have, if we still study the effect of coffee on health, … Read more

How to Use Old Coffee Grounds


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A Complete Review of Bodum Coffee Grinder: A Buyer’s Guide


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