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Hi everyone, my name is Michael, and welcome to my Gourmet Coffee 4 Coffee Lovers website. Coffee has always been a passion of mine and I’m sure it resonates the same way with with many folks. I’m pretty sure that many of you probably feel the same way as me, when waking up in the morning and can’t wait to have the best coffee first thing to start your day. I was lucky to travel all over the world for business, or vacation and enjoyed all types of coffee some great, some not so good, and some of that incredible nectar of the gods, that gourmet coffee. In North America most Coffee lovers need their coffee early in the morning to start their engines, start the day, or get energized. Most of my life I belonged in this group for all the reasons I just mentioned. In the morning, the 1st thought is the great coffee I’m about to have either home, or on my way to my office.

I became extremely passionate about coffee, and over the years I learned a lot about that cup of Joe in from types, flavors, best grown, imports, exports, and other tips and insight which I’ll share with everyone, as well as update any tips as new coffee, coffee machines and related articles become available in real time.

 good-morning-coffeeWhy are there so many coffee lovers?

Well why are there so many coffee lovers out there? There are many reasons, and lately many articles outline the possibility of positive health benefits against Diabetes, Parkinson, Cancer, and Heart conditions. Other researchers believes that coffee contains vitamins, and is loaded with antioxidants and improves energy levels. Anything in moderation is OK, although depending which day you listen to the news, you’ll hear that 4-6 cups of coffee is healthy for medicinal purpose, other days you’ll hear other research opinions. I believe that most people drink coffee because it changes the mood, keeps them on their toes, keeps your brain stimulated if tired, and loves the aroma and taste of of that great nectar. Coffee is also a great social drink with friends and family, as well at work and during business meetings.

My Legacy

I will offer the best reviews based on experience regarding the affordability, variety, and efficiency of the coffee giants while providing the emphasis on quality and personal care found at your local coffee shop, retailer, or online. You are our bottom line, and we won’t be happy until you are drinking the perfect cup of coffee while reflecting on a pleasant purchasing experience.

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