A Complete Review of Bodum Coffee Grinder: A Buyer’s Guide


Talking about the process of brewing a perfect cup of coffee, it’s a journey that seems like a puzzle. If you have ever tried to choose between a lot of choices and all of them seem to be important, you will understand how exhausting this can be.

That’s just the same thing with brewing coffee. When the specifications of a product are complicated, it becomes very difficult to tell which product is quality and which is not. An example is when you want to choose a sensitive calibration  conical burr grinder among many grinders available in the marketplace.

Based on extensive research about the types of grinders available out there, we found three high quality and popular burr grinders. This will provide you with some information to buy a quality grinder and relatively inexpensive for budget-minded coffee lovers. In this review, I will review about all you need to know about the grinder and I will compare it with other grinders that we have available in the market place.

 Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

Among the different types of burr coffee grinders that are available out there, this product seems to stand out from others. The product is compact and has a portable size which correlates with the price of the product. The product brand is one of the few coffee grinder manufacturers that offer a choice of color.

The Bodum Bistro brand is well-known by coffee lovers for its quality. One of the notable things about the grinder is the price; it belongs to the low to mid-range price class.

 Details about the Bodum Bistro Coffee Grinder

The Bodum Bistro grinder is good for beginners, and coffee lovers who want their coffee freshly grounded. This grinder allows its user to choose a wide range of sizes that they can grind their
coffee to perfection. This grinder comes with a total of 12 size adjustment and 4 timing options.

With Bodum grinder, you can grind coffee that will be enough to brew several cups of coffee or more. There is a push-button on top of the machine; the button starts the grinding process and ends it as well, simple enough.

This button is different from the on-and-off button at the bottom of the grinder; this button keeps you safe while handling the grinder. This is one of the features that show that the brand has put some thought into designing the product, and they have studied its safety it needs to provide in the kitchen.

Another well thought-available out feature of the grinder is the silicon grip that the glass catcher of the grinder has been equipped with. It also includes scratch-resistant, smudge-proof plastics, etc. It is not easy to satisfy users but these little things really matter and add up, and they have an effect on the life span of the tool.

Features of the Bodum Bistro Grinder

  • Small but sturdy view

The portability of the grinder makes it fit for any kind of space; it has a slim body and a stout dimension. Even if your kitchen is small and it can’t accommodate a lot of things, and have the capability to carry the grinder away.

The hopper of the Bodum Bistro Grinder is made of durable plastic and the type of material used to build the body of the grinder depends on the kind of model you buy. It could either be made from strong plastic or aluminum.

  • Professional details for the casual user

Most professional grinders available out there are designed to grind coffee in batches with a set timer; this is the same for the Bodum Bistro Grinder. It was designed to parallel professional grinders. This grinder even looks like a smaller version of some grinder that is used in most cafés and espresso service. You can easily access the grinder, and it is designed to make brewing coffee easier.


    • Basic, yet powerful components
  • Various stylish color choices
  • Borosilicate glass coffee catcher

Most grinder models available out there come in multiple colors, the black, and the Chrome finish are popular. When it comes to color, the Bodum Bistro Grinder has got you covered. They have a wide range of colors you can choose from.





What Type of Coffee is Best Used with the Bodum Bistro Grinder?

Some brewing methods that are best suited for the standard dark roasts, such as the espresso machine or a French press. The standard dark roast are dark beans, and they produce a lot of oil residues.

The Bodum grinder has been designed with this in mind; it can grind-heavy roast without issues like clogging or clumping. This puts the Bodum grinder ahead of other grinders that are within the same price range; most of them don’t have this feature.

The Turkish style of coffee is the best fit for the Bodum Bistro Grinder. This style of coffee requires an ultra-fine grind, and this can also be processed by the grinder. This is also good news for the espresso coffee lover because the Turkish grind is almost the same as the espresso grind. This grinder produces a grind that is more precise than what we expect from the grinders in this price range.

Making the Most of the Bodum’s Best Features

There is nothing difficult about using the Bodum grinder; it’s easy to learn how to use it for experienced or  new users..

The adjustable dial on the grinder also tells you the level of grind you have selected may be coarse or fine. This grinder has 12 grind adjustments and of the 12, only 3 are labeled. One is for the drip brew, one for the espresso, and the last one for the standard grind used for French Press brew.

There are fine adjustment that might suit your coffee better. So you can play around with the grinder to perfect what works for you. Ensure you make use of a pastry brush to dust off the deposit in the grinder.

Are there any improvements needed?

  • The lid of the grinder fits well into the grinder, but it should be a bit more airtight so air will not get into the grinder. That should not be an issue.

Cleaning Your Bodum Bistro Grinder

Because the design of the grinder is not complicated, this makes the cleaning of the device very easy and straightforward. I know this is a very tedious step that many people don’t like to perform, but it is still necessary to brush off the burr in the grinder and keep it clean for perfect operation.

  • Start with the plastic hopper glass canister and their lids

These parts of the grinder can be washed using warm and soapy water. You can also put the part in the dishwasher for proper cleaning.

When we look at the number of times these parts come in contact with the coffee beans, it is just better to clean them after each grinding session. Make sure the parts are all properly dried up before you assemble them back.

  • Lift out the upper burr from the assembly seat

The burr of the Bodum grinder is one of the easy parts of the grinder one can clean. You can take this part out of its casing so you can clean it properly. Water can easily gather in between the casing and the stainless steel; it is better to dust it than to wash it.

  • Brush available out the inner burr assembly and the chute

The deeper part of the inner recess can easily be wiped using a narrow brush. You can hold this with you in case the friction clutch stops the device.

The Bodum Grinder against Other Excellent Grinders

When it comes to design and straightforwardness, it is very difficult to beat the Bodum grinder. Here are two other reviewed high quality grinders that  you need to know so you can make a perfect choice for a grinder that fits you best.

Capresso Infinity Plus




This grinder is popular around the world and has a great reputation. Capresso is in the same class as the Bodum grinder, and it shows its power when it comes to the design of the catcher and hopper. This helps the grinder to hold a larger amount of coffee beans.

This grinder is quiet, and the motor does not overheat in the device.



The Capresso Infinity Plus burr grinder has an advanced conical steel burr design and can grind grinding large quantities of coffee beans. The built-in timer allows you to set a wide variety of grinds between 60 and 5 seconds with a simple, one-time simple setting.

This grinder was designed to keep the aroma and flavor from escaping the holding tank through engineering design by decreasing the speed of the gears. The price of this grinder is in the same range as the Bodum grinder

The main features of this quality grinder are outlined below.

        • Many settings available for the grinding range from ultra-fine to coarse for every type of coffee that you would want to brew
        • High-quality conical steel burrs with an advanced cutting design for high precision grinding
        • Over sixteen coarseness settings with multiple levels for each: extra-fine, fine, regular and coarse type of grinding to make a variety of coffee types.
        • The motor is engineered to grinds slow for quiet and none static build-up with out loosing any efficiency of grinding any coffee beans
        • The grinding speed is designed to be the lowest  friction and heat buildup. The result provides an extreme aroma and flavor for every grind setting.
        • Very simple operational design for the grinder and for a thorough cleaning of the conical burr which should take less than 60 seconds to do with the supplied brush.
    • Baratza

    • Baratza-Encore-Conical-Burr-GrinderBaratza conical Burr Mill compactness and the features outlined below of this grinder makes it a great alternative and in the same class as the Bodum and Capresso grinders. It comes with a digital screen and many grind settings. The price of this grinder is in the same range or a bit higher than the Bodum or Capresso grinders
    • CONSTRUCTION: This grinder has a high quality brushed stainless steel design. Baratza grinder has a Programmable Conical Burr Mill which results in perfect grind every time for every setting of coffee needs
  • UNIFORM GRIND: The Cuisinart grinder conical burr grinder produces a consistent grind without sacrificing the natural coffee bean oils and generates a flavorful aroma taste in your coffee. 
  • LCD DISPLAY : The LCD display on the grinder makes it simple for you by providing the time, fineness, and number of cups 
  • The motor is extremely quiet and runs at low speeds of 450 RPM for long duration with low anti-static technology. Because of the low heat produced by the motor technology, it retains a higher flavor from the coffee beans.
  • Inclusive FEATURE: Display shows timer, Removable grind chamber, countdown timer with automatic shutoff, coarseness setting, and number of cups
  • The high quality of this conical burr grinder is professional grade with high durability





The Takeaway

It’s not as though this grinder is fancy, but what I love about it is its simple functionality. The Bodum Bistro grinder is perfect for the beginner who wants their coffee freshly ground or long time coffee lovers who want to have different sizes of coffee grinds at home.

The Bodum Bistro grinder comes with about 12 adjustable sizes that you can choose from. You can choose from these sizes and select the one that suits the kind of coffee you want to make. The Capresso, and Cuisinart grinders I used as a comparison are also great options if you like the brand and it’s specific options.  The Cuisinart, and Capresso grinders and are in the same class an price range as the Bodum grinder.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.

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  1. Wow, you know a lot about Bodum Coffee Grinders. I’m glad you wrote about a really affective coffee grinder that is also affordable. I’ve always wanted to grind my own coffee but didn’t know where to start. So thanks for the info. Also I didn’t notice the price of the coffee grinder. That would be helpful and compare photos of other coffee grinders. 

    • Thank you for your comments Melanie. In that article, I picked 3 conical burr grinders that are in the same class of great grinders for the price. They were Bodum, Capresso, and Cuisinart. If you have a chance please have a look. Thank you

  2. I appreciate this information because I am a coffee lover and am interested in learning about anything new. I’m not familiar with the Bodum Coffee Griner. Thanks also for the comparison with other high-level models. I also like how it is priced as well. There are many reasons to consider this product and I will share this information with other of my friends who also enjoy a good cup of coffee.

    • Thank you Joseph for your comments. Coffee lovers understand that a good coffee grinder is important in the great and fresh tasting aromatic morning coffee . Thank you

  3. I really love a good cup of coffee but I have never tried grinding my own beans. It’s interesting to read about the different brands and the different settings of each of the ones you present here.

    Of the 3 choices, I will pick the Bodum Bistro Grinder. It’s nice that it’s portable and takes up very little space as I have very little space in my kitchen!  I also like that it can grind darker roast coffee without a problem as that’s the kind I drink!  It seems to be easy to use and easy to clean.  SOLD!!

    • Cynthia, again, thank for your nice comments. You actually picked the most popular coffee grinder. Of course, there is a reason why its so popular. It’s very precise, and of high quality for a budget price. This grinder can be used for many types of coffee. Thanks you



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