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At this stage of the world’s technological advancement, coffee lovers have been graced with the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of high-quality and durable coffee machines. But because of these several options, selecting one that fits you, may not be easy to do.

A good way to resolve this issue is by inspecting the best features of the machines that are available to us. This way, you can pick the one that will best serve you. At this time, we picked the Capresso Cafe TS Espresso Cappuccino Machine for the purpose of this review based on research, demand and functionality.

In this article, we need to dig in and find out if this high end coffee maker designed and manufactured in Italy where coffee is a way of life really lives up to it’s name . So, let’s talk about its features and possible benefits first.

Capresso Cafe TS Espresso Cappuccino Machine




This coffee maker is very popular and in high-demand with people who enjoy great-tasting coffee on a consistent basis. This machine brews regular coffee and Cappuccinos.

One feature of this machine that deserves attention is its compact design and the convenience it provides its user. It features a programmable touchscreen panel that was very simple for me to use and has a count-up timer to follow extraction time which I thought it was interesting and useful. The machine has a compact designed and doesn’t take much space on any counter. The coffee maker has a built-in storage feature that can be used to store your measuring spoon and sieve, and was designed in Italy where coffee is a way of life.

Apart from that, there is also a removable water tank which provides easy access to every component of the machine which makes it very convenient to clean. If you are preparing a cappuccino and latte,  there is a powerful milk frother that makes steam to create a rich crema for Cappuccinos, while the hot water setting can be used for other coffees like the Americano.

Gleaming Iron Structure

The machine is made with polished stainless steel accents, making it an amazing centerpiece on your table or kitchen countertop. These stainless steel accents on this coffee maker match most stainless steel appliances in any kitchen.


Ultima Pro Espresso Maker is a flexible coffee maker. With the built-in water dispenser, you have the opportunity to explore a variety of unique beverages and flavors.

15 Bar Pump


The fully programmable pump that comes with the coffee maker, features a variety of different brewing options that help in preparing that delicious espresso cup. The longer you continue using the machine, the preparation process becomes simple.

We all know that a good cup of coffee requires a heated cup. This machine completely takes care of that. It comes with a stainless steel pre-warming platform to heat up the cups quickly and keeps them warm as shown in the illustration.

The machine also comes with a 15 bar pump coffee system that can be used to make that brew just right and makes and will produce a thick foam just like a professional barista. Apart from this, you can make good use of the hot water function for various types of coffee drinks, or tea.


When it comes to great design and quality parts, this machine has all you need. It is carefully made out of heavy-duty materials (in which stainless steel is part). And it is solidly constructed to offer the user maximum durability even after long usage.

Easy to Use


For beginners in the world of coffee machines, this machine is an ideal. The machine comes with a user’s manual which makes operating the coffee machine very easy. Also, it comes with two sieves and a self-tamping Portafilter that makes tamping the coffee grounds easy.

There is a programmed function for the cup size which will tell a user how much water will be needed based on the number of cups required.

Other Features

The Capresso is made with a functional and easy layout design. It comes with a drip tray, a removable water tank, and a Portafilter that will ensure a hassle-free cleaning for the user.

For an energy-saving function, the machine shuts down after 30 minutes of inactivity, thus saving energy if power is left on.

What You Should Know about this Machine

Owning the Capresso Cafe TS Espresso would be a good choice for most coffee lovers. It’s all about the quality of the brew and it’s easy to make, whether you are someone who is used to coffee machines or you are a novice at using one.

The machine is fully equipped with lots of features that make flavorful cups of coffee for anyone in the family.

The machine is also intuitive on how to use it. Apart from showing you how to use the machine properly, the manual also provides some effective brewing tips that will help you experiment and brew some flavorful cups of coffee.

Additional Options

Programmable Cup Sizes

The espresso maker pro comes with the capability to precisely pick your preferred amount of water in your coffee. It just requires you to press the single or dual brew control for 3 seconds. When you have got your desired amount of espresso inside the cup, you can press the shut-off button to stop.

You can also save the programmed amount to ensure that it serves you the same amount on your next use.

Automated Tamping

Tamping for consistent and maximum density is not an easy thing to do, and this is what most folks have problems with when making an espresso.

The machine takes care of this problem with the self-tamping Portafilter automatically when inserted in the brew head and locked. In other words you don’t have to tamp the coffee grounds, the portafilter tamps the coffee grounds for you, although you still have to make sure there are no grounds on the edge.

Automated Shut-off

After use, the machine is programmed to shut off after 30 minutes of inactivity. It’s actually a good safety feature to have.

Detachable Drip Tray

Brewing long coffee, Americano, or espresso may result in overflow sometimes. Regardless of the overflow indicator that comes with the espresso, there is also a detachable drip tray that prevents your coffee from over-spilling outside the tray.

Water Level Check

Checking the water level on your tank has never been easier with this type of coffee machine. It allows you to check the water levels through the windows visible from the front side of the espresso machine, so you’ll never run out of water.


Considering the fact that this product is an active coffee maker, and to produce perfect coffee every time, it would require frequent cleaning and washing. This coffee maker is not dishwasher safe and should be hand washed.

Some of its parts are fragile and may be damaged in the dishwasher. The machine should also be switched off whenever you need to clean it, or maintain it.


  • The pump produces consistent pressure for rich crema, the thin layer of foam that is the sign of a great brewed espresso
  • Programmable water quantity to produce 1 or 2 cups of coffee
  • Illuminated icons for easy usage, and solidly built using stainless steel components
  • A Portafilter with 2 included 2.28″ sieves for 1 or 2 cups
  • A frothing wand for use to make latte and cappuccino and other types of coffee
  • Hot water option to be used for tea, and other uses
  • Removable drip tray with overflow indicator to trap water or coffee overflow
  • Automatic shut-off safety feature after 30 minutes of non-use
  • Coffee scoop accessory
  • The Coffee maker contains integrated storage space for accessories


  • Product Type –  Semi-Automatic
  • Color –  Stainless Steel
  • Body Material –  Plastic; Metal
  • Base Material –  Metal
  • Pump Espresso Machine – Yes
  • Bar Pump Pressure –  15 PSI
  • Maximum Water Capacity –  34 Fluid Ounces
  • Drip Tray Included – Yes (Removable Drip Tray)
  • Tamper Included –  Yes
  • Additional Beverages –  Cappuccino; Tea
  • Automatic Safety Shutoff – Yes
  • Milk Frother  – Yes
  • Wattage –  1450 Watts
  • Cup Warmer –  Yes
  • Filter Included – Yes
  • Portafilter Included – Yes
  • Espresso Shots – 2 cups
  • Clean Machine Indicator –  Yes
  • Supplier Intended and Approved Use –  Residential Use
  • Manufactured – China
  • Product Warranty –  Yes
  • UL Listed –  Yes

The Pros and Cons


  • When you turn the machine on, it quickly heats up
  • It comes with a built-in tamper, so there’s no need to purchase a separate tamper
  • The machine comes with a sleek and clean and compact design that will perfectly fit on your counter or kitchen
  • It comes with a user’s manual that makes it easy to use


  • The machine frother has a tendency to overflow if you have too much milk in your cup
  • The portafilters are always pressurized so you have to be careful when using it

The Takeaway

With all these working features, the machine checks all boxes for the best coffee maker one can purchase under $200. It provides you with the ability to easily brew your espresso and cappuccino from the comfort of your home, and provides savings from buying coffee at coffee shops. This coffee maker can pay for itself in a short time just from those savings.

Also, it has programmable cup sizes as well as an automatic self temping Portafilter. There is a portable water level checker that makes it easier to know when it is time to fill up. In all, this product has all you would need in a coffee machine.

If you just want a quicker way to make coffee, then you should consider Capresso Ultima Pro.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.






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  1. I’m a huge coffee fan and have often thought about how nice it would be to make a latte at home instead of going out to get one. I really like your review of this attractive coffee machine. It has some great features like warming the cups and an auto tamper that I’m sure would make it a dream to use. Coffee machines have definitely come a long way from the toys that used to be on offer. I will be checking this one out, especially at the low price.

    Thanks for this great review.

    • Thank you Lily, for your comments regarding the Capresso machine. Capresso is well known for the innovative coffee products, and the quality of coffee it produces. I like to research and review coffee products that are cutting edge, great quality, and innovative. Thank you



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