Jura Automatic Espresso Machine

Jura Elektroapparate AG is one of the largest home appliance manufacturer and distributor in Europe. The company was incorporated in Switzerland in 1931, and takes its name from Jura mountain range in Switzerland.

During the last decade Jura realized that coffee lovers enjoy the convenience of high-quality specialty coffees made automatically from bean-to-cup, and they changed their business plan to concentrate developing and manufacture the high quality Jura Automatic Espresso Machine.

Jura’s bean-to-cup experience, produce a high-pressure-brewed coffee, espresso, cappuccino and latte, cup by cup. Fast and easy to operate, they can grind, tamp, brew and self-clean in less than 60 seconds.

Frothing options make it easy to froth or steam milk. JURA machines provide more coffee options, and strength than any models. Grinding the beans in the machine just before brewing assures the highest flavor and aroma.

Before you decide to buy an automatic espresso/cappuccino machine, there are a few things you should consider.

Are JURA and Capresso the same company?

I had quite a few coffee aficionados ask me about the relationship between Capresso and Jura coffee makers. Capresso name which is a reference to Cappuccino and Espresso started making euro style coffee machines in United States in 1994 and introduced these high quality coffee makers to coffee lovers in the US. In 2002.

Capresso was acquired by Jura AG of Switzerland and is marketing both brands worldwide. The Capresso brand provides semi-automatic machines marketed more for home use, and the Jura brand is marketed as an super-automatic top coffee maker for home and office use

What’s the longevity of JURA coffee machines?

Jura  coffee machines has a world wide reputation for Swiss precision quality design, and manufacturing process, but for a higher price. Jura also offers affordable coffee makers for home that also meets the expected  high quality.

Based on popularity its popularity and success, JURA designs their coffee machines to provide the maximum years of longevity provided that they are maintained as suggested. They have philosophy to build long lasting products as a deliberate reaction against the throw-away mentality which we mostly use here in the US.

Jura coffee makers comes with a two year limited warranty.

Does Jura needs high maintenance?

To keep your coffee piping hot, you will need to ensure that you are using the correct cleaning products and the cleaning program is used on a regular basis. I learned a long time ago that if you follow the specific regular maintenance you gain the maximum failure free usage.

Jura spent extensive development when it comes to innovation including the self-cleaning programs built in their coffee makers to prevent scaling and other problems during coffee usage intervals.

Jura Espresso Features

  • “IPBAS”

Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System (IPBAS) makes excellent coffee. This process adds water to the coffee before it is brewed.

This is what you do with pour-over coffee. You add a bit of water to preheat the coffee and pre-infuse them. It’s not as difficult as it sounds!

  •  “The Aroma+ Grinder”

“Aroma” refers to the way your grinds affect the quality of your coffee.

The fineness of your grind will determine how strong your brew is. You typically have a choice between 1-5 settings based on the type of coffee you prefer. Although Jura grinders are not always the same in every machine, most have the Aroma+ Grinder.

Jura grinders are quick and quiet and I know it treats the coffee beans with respect.

  •  “CLARIS Filter Systems”

It is a useful feature that you will appreciate. It’s the anti-scaling technology that filters out hard minerals and prevents calcium deposits from building up on your heating element.

  •  “P.E.P.”

The actual name sounds cool for the machine: The Pulse Extraction Process. This advanced technology allows extraction to process the coffee in half the time by running hot water through the coffee to pre-infuse it.

  •  “I.W.S. (Intelligent Water Systems)”

This is not the most noticeable feature, but it;s important for a high level of maintenance. Intelligent Water System detects water and runs tests to determine its hardness. It will notify you when maintenance is needed, such as changing filters or running a cleaning cycle.

  •  “Fine Foam Technology”

Jura engineers may have a sense of humor. Fine Foam Technology’s name sounds like it should be on the red carpet or dressed in sequins.

It means that the milk is frothed twice in separate chambers. Then, the milk foam is slowly dissolved into the drink. It has a delicate, creamy consistency increasing your coffee flavor.

  •  “Bypass Doser”

The Bypass Doser allows you to bypass the regular brewing process.

You can switch coffee types, such as when the decaf person in your family wants a cup of coffee and you are just about to make your caffeinated brew. You can also opt for decaf in the evening if you are craving a cup of coffee.

  •  “T.F.T. Display”

The T.F.T. is short for Thin Film Transistor, and it’s the screen you use to control the coffee machine. The T.F.T. is paired with the Rotary Switch, which allows you to easily customize settings.This is a nice feature

This will enable you to choose from many specialty beverages, and then, like magic, you can press the button to get the espresso drink you desire.

The best Jura Coffee Maker for You: Clearing up Some Common Comparisons

Comparing espresso machines is a great way to determine which is best for you. It is essential to compare the strengths and weaknesses of different brands. The features, popularity, brand, and most important the coffee flavor and aroma it produces.

Delonghi vs. Jura

Delonghi is a great brand, especially for those just beginning their great-coffee at-home journey. Although it offers a wide range of coffee machines at an affordable price, Jura has a higher quality and more features and options on their coffee makers.

This comes at a higher cost. Jura is best for coffee lovers who are serious coffee lovers which likes a Super Automatic machine that does everything for them with multiple types of coffee beverages, while Delonghi is great for anyone that wants good coffee at home from semi-automatic coffee makers.

However, it might be worthwhile to compare the Delonghi Magnifica with some of the Jura entry or medium level machines. The Magnifica from Delonghi is one of their few coffee makers that can come close to Jura’s coffee machine’s quality – but it comes at a higher price.

Which JURA coffee machine is best for home?

Below I outlined the best Jura coffee machines for home. The machines are sorted based on price, features, options, water volume tank.

I included a commercial espresso and coffee machine for home use. However, that may be excessive, based on price and high volume coffee output.


Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Drink Options: 3
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P
  • Control: Buttons
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 12.7 x 9.4 x 17.5 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 37oz, Bean hopper: 4.4 oz
  • Smart Connect: Not Compatible with this unit






Jura D6 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Drink Option: 7
  • Tech: Aroma G2, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter
  • Control: Plain Text display with dial control
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 13.6 x 11 x 16.3 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: No
  • Water Tank Capacity: 64oz, Bean hopper: 7 oz
  • Smart Connect: Compatible but not include






Jura ENA 8 Super Automatic Coffee Maker

  • Drink Options: 10
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter
  • Control: TFT color display
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 12.7 x 10.7 x 17.5 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 37oz, Bean hopper: 4.4 oz
  • Smart Connect: Compatible but not included








Jura E6 Super Automatic Coffee Center

  • Drink Option: 7
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter
  • Control: TFT color display
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 13.8 x 11 x 17.3 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: No
  • Water Tank Capacity: 64oz, Bean hopper: 10 oz
  • Smart Connect: Compatible but not included









Jura E8  Super Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Drink Option: 17
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter, FFT
  • Control: TFT color display
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 13.8 x 11 x 17.6 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 64oz, Bean hopper: 7 oz
  • Wifi Connect: Compatible but not included






JURA S8 Super Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Drink Option: 15
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter, FFT
  • Control: Touch screen
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 13.7 x 11 x 17.5 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 64oz, Bean hopper: 10 oz
  • Smart Connect: Compatible but not included










Jura Z8 Aluminum Automatic Espresso & Cappuccino

  • Drink Option: 21
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter
  • parallel preparation with two pumps and heating systems
  • Control: Touch screen
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 15 x 12.6 x 17.7 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 81 oz, Bean hopper: 10 oz
  • Smart Connect: Bluetooth Included with purchase






Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

  • Drink Option: 28
  • Tech: Aroma G3, P.E.P, I.W.S, CLEARYL smart filter,
  • two disc grinders, thermo blocks and pumps
  • Control: Touch screen
  • Dimensions(H*W*D): 16.3 x 12.6 x 18.9 in
  • Powder Chute for Ground Coffee: Yes
  • Water Tank Capacity: 88 oz, Bean hopper: 10 oz * 2
  • Wifi Connect: Included with purchase





Budgeting For A Jura

The Jura coffee machine family has a wide range of price points, but none of them are
particularly cheap, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Before we go into detail, let’s take an overview of the line-up,
highlighting some of the more popular models in each price category.

Entry-Level Pricing Jura Coffee Machines

Jura espresso machines offers domestic espresso brewers with a more affordable budget, namely the Jura A1D6, and ENA4. Each of these costs less than $1000 and still make great quality coffee.

Mid-Range Pricing Jura Coffee Machines

These Jura espresso machines in this category are equipped with
the newest technology, including color displays or touchscreens and other fearures. They
also have more drink options than the entry-level Jura machines.

the models in this category are the E6E8ENA 8S8, WE6 and WE8. You can expect to pay between $1000 and $2999 for these espresso machines.

Premium Pricing Jura Coffee Machines

These machines have a higher-end
build quality and a larger touchscreen and are more marketed toward office use. They also have Smart Connect via
the JOE Jura coffee app. Models in this range include the Z6Z8X8, WE8, and Z10. Meanwhile, prices range between $3000 and $5000.

Super-Premium Pricing Jura Machines

This office and work usage category showcases Jura’s top-of-the-range models, including the GIGA 6GIGA W3, and GIGA X7. These high budget fully featured coffee espresso machines are priced over $5000.

How Many Drink Options Do You Need?

One way to narrow which machine is best for you is to consider which
drinks you prefer. For example, some Jura espresso machines are
restricted to espresso and black coffee only and don’t have a milk frother.

The A1 is an example of one of those machines. Meanwhile, the mid-range
machines have between five and 10 drink options, while premium machines
can make up to 28 types of coffee beverage. This is a individual preference based on how many coffee beverages you like.

Jura Offers (Factory Serviced) Refubished Machines

Jura offers some of their coffee machines with a deep discount for their factory refurbished machines. Jura meticulously cleaned and rebuilt the coffee makers up to spec with original Jura parts and comes with a one year limited warranty. It’s worth a look to check the savings on these like-new machines fat an affordable price.

A quick summary For Factory Serviced Machines

  • If you enjoy espresso and Americano, the Jura A1 and ENA4 are good options.
  • For espresso, coffee, and cappuccino lovers, consider the Jura D6 and E6.
  • If
    you like espresso, coffee, cappuccino, flat white, latte, and
    macchiato, the Jura E8, S8, Z6, and ENA8 are well worth considering.
  • If you want over 20 drink options from an espresso machine, consider the Jura Z8, GIGA 6, or the other large super-premium models.


The Takeaway

Jura coffee machines rates at the top of the coffee making brands that never dissapoints any coffee lover and you should check their customers comments that proves my point.  Jura coffee machines are available in many sizes, shapes, and weights, just like their prices and meets different individual needs. You can squeeze some Jura machines into small condo kitchens, while others require their own space.

The Swiss precision quality will always impress, as well as the flavorful and aromatic coffee beverages it produces. I highly recommend this superior coffee maker.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.

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  1. There is nothing better than the aroma of fresh coffee and what better way to start your day with brewing your first cup of the day at home. I am not familiar with the brand Jura, but if they have been making coffee machines for so many years, then they have proved themselves to be reliable and making quality coffee machines. 

    I am so pleased to see that Jura has so many models that have a chute for ground coffee powder, as the waste compared with pods is almost zero. Great machines for home brewed coffee. 

    • Line, I’m glad you liked the article. Jura is a precision Swiss made super automatic coffee maker. It’s pricier, but it makes barista style coffee and lasts for a long time.



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