Varia Multi Brewer Review -Plus Accessories


Are you looking for a new coffee brewer? Maybe you are shopping for coffee gear for the first time, or perhaps you want to de-clutter your existing kit? Whatever your focus or reasoning may be, you will have a deeper interest into the Varia Multi Brewer by the time you review this article. You could … Read more

The French Press Review – All you need for gourmet coffee


Product: ESPRO P5 Double Micro-Filtered Coffee French Press, 32 Ounces, Polished Copper The Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon Size Of Container:32 Ounce (2-4 cups) Thick & Durable Glass: The carafe glass is 40 percent thicker than most carafe glass on other French Press Safety lock: Secures the carafe and prevents accidental breakage of the carafe … Read more

What is French Press Coffee Maker?


  A French press coffee maker is a machine used to brew coffee differently to achieve a better tasting cup of Joe. It’s actually a simple way to make coffee with incredible results in taste. It extracts pure, robust coffee from coffee grounds, then filters the coffee with a mesh sieve and plunger. A French … Read more