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Frozen Frappe


We can all agree that nothing can be better during a hot summer day than a refreshing Mocha Frappe which is basically a Mocha iced coffee beverage. This is not the average coffee you have in the morning, although you could have one if you really want one.

The makeup of this coffee drink is a blend of various ingredients and it’s considered a specialty premium coffee drink that is offered by some major coffee and food chains as a favorite coffee beverage.

Dimitris Vakondios invented Frappe by accident while working for Nescafe in 1957 in Greece.

Currently, Frappe is still the favorite coffee beverage in Greece and Cyprus during the hot summer months. Frappe went viral all over the world, especially where Greeks are present.

Does a mocha frappe have coffee in it?

Mocha Frappe is a strong chocolate flavor beverage which coffee-based coffee drink which contains coffee volume based on the size of the drink. It usually starts at around 100mg for a small beverage and increases with larger drinks.

If we break down the frappe beverages, we can find that a majority of them contain coffee in them with the exception of strawberry, vanilla, or other fruit frappe beverages. A shot of espresso or additional strong coffee can be added to any frappe for a higher caffeine boost.

How does a mocha frappe taste like

Mocha Frappe contains a  blend of various ingredients and it’s considered a specialty coffee drink that is served by some major chains as a premium beverage.

Mocha frappe is a sweet drink that has a coffee base and includes sugar, chocolate, milk, or ice cream, and whipped topping and blended with ice. I can tell you that every icy Mocha Frappe is delicious, and that is why it’s such a popular coffee beverage.

What’s the difference between mocha and FRAPPE?

Mocha- Is a cold beverage similar to a latte that includes chocolate but it’s not sweet drink.

Frappe – Is more of a sweet and icy beverage. Various baristas add optional ingredients like sugar, chocolate, or ice cream for sweetness.

Are Frappe and Frappuccino the same thing?



Frappuccino is a Starbucks branded cold beverage creation that evolved into many flavors.

1) Uses brewed coffee, but the coffee can be left out if desired

2) If coffee is left out, there is no caffeine in Frappuccino

3) It will have a sweet taste based on the sugar, toppings, milkshakes, or ice cream content

4) Has higher calories content because of the higher sugar ingredients used to make the beverage

Frappe is a rich and creamy coffee-based iced drink that has various ingredients that can be served cold, or blended with ice

1) Frappe will always contain coffee and the amount of caffeine is based on the size of the drink.

2) Frappe will always be less sweet, but it also depends on the ingredients used.

3) This beverage will have lower calorie content due to lower sugar used

How To Make a Simple Frappe?

The following is one of many ways to make a simple delicious Frappe at home

  1. Brew coffee or an espresso shot, or a Cappuccino coffee, and let it cool to room temperature.
  2. Pour the coffee into ice cube trays and place it in the freezer. (preferred Option below)
  3. Add frozen coffee cubes to the blender
  4. Add almond milk, chocolate syrup, and sugar to the blender.
  5. Blend until whipped texture is reached.
  6. You can add whipped cream on top of the drink and additional chocolate syrup (optional)

Is Mocha Coffee or Chocolate?

Mocha is a blended beverage. It contains espresso or strong coffee, milk, and hot chocolate. Some baristas add a frothy top and substitute chocolate powder, syrup, or melted chocolate which I believe is the best choice to make a better blended and tasting Mocha drink.

Mocha Ingredients

Why is it Called Mocha?

Mocha has an interesting origin which started in Turin Italy in the 18th century made of coffee, chocolate and cream and was named bavaresia. This coffee drink was served regularly at Cafe al Bicerin and gain traction to the point where the beverage was renamed the Bicerin.

The drink was then renamed to its current name Mocha in honor of the coffee port located in the city of Moka, Yemen. This port gained its fame because of the chocolate flavor profile of the coffee beans traded and exported through that port.

How much coffee is in a mocha Frappe

– Small Beverage 100mg

Mocha Frappe – Medium Beverage 125mg

Mocha Frappe – Large Beverage 150-175mg

The coffee content in Frappe with other flavors is usually lower

Cafe Mocha vs Mocha Latte

If you try a Cafe mocha you will realize that it tastes the same as a cafe latte. That’s because it’s made the same of two-thirds steamed milk, and one-third espresso. Many baristas will add a portion of cocoa powder to give the coffee drink a taste of chocolate.

Calories in a Mocha Frappe

I totally understand that during the summer hot days, everyone can enjoy a cold or iced coffee drink to cool off. As coffee lovers, we don’t always think about the calorie content while sipping on a delicious iced Frappe, and of course, it’s OK if we drink them in moderation.

Mocha Frappe iced drink such as a medium 16oz. for example. will include between 470-560 calories, 21 – 25 g fat, 14-17 sat fat, and 68g sugar and will vary a bit based on the ingredients used.

If necessary we can decrease these nutritional values substantially if we substitute, for example, regular milk with almond or skim milk, lower whipped cream or other ingredients amount, and half the total calories. It will still taste great on a hot summer day.


Mocha Frappe is a delicious coffee drink any time of the year, but much more enjoyable during hot summer months. It’s just a feel-good drink regardless if you buy it at your favorite coffee place or if you make it yourself for less money or with ingredients that make it healthier.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.

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