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There is more to coffee than just being a beverage – it is a worldwide community of coffee lovers. You will see how wide and diverse coffee and its followers really are. This article will list 17 of the best coffee blogs out there.

Whether you are a coffee novice, a lover of coffee, or an expert, blogs such as this provide tips; experiments, information, and latest coffee news that will help you buckle up and become a coffee knowledgeable coffee expert in no time.

Coffee and community are inseparable. That’s why coffee blogs emphasize issues like sustainability and ethics. These coffee blogs will help you feel even better about coffee itself.

In this article, we will discuss selections of some of the best coffee blogs (although it is not in any specific order).

Let’s get started

1. Coffee Cantata

Coffee-Cantata-bloggingCoffee Cantata is an approach to coffee expertise by a creator I will name Margaret. She reviewed coffee based on its geographic origin and brew method.

She clearly stated and recorded the details of the way coffee was extracted, its temperature, and the coffee-to-water ratio. Her reviews can help you try to make the positive coffee experience on your own.

Her tasting observation is something to note. She noted and recorded how each coffee from each location has a distinct personality and taste.

Her “off-topics” piece will help you enjoy the reading with a fresh cup of coffee.

2. Sprudge

sprudgeSprudge is widely known for being one of the best coffee blogs around the world. If you want to find everything about coffee, just visit the Sprudge site. In Sprudge wire, Sprudge offers updated information on coffee and its entirety, throughout the world.

For tourists, it appeals to them about the different coffee cultures in the world and their uniqueness. There is also a comprehensive listing of jobs in the best brand of coffee specialty you might want to apply to.

If you have no time to go through this blog, Sprudge also provides a good solution. It has a podcast you can make use of while enjoying a cup of coffee during your journey.

3. Coffee Compass

Coffee-Compas-BloggingIf you want a review of coffee shops around the world, why not visit the Coffee Compass?

The Coffee Compass blog provides an outlook on the world of coffee. Michael Butterworth, one of the site’s founders, is an educator and a consultant in coffee, based in Istanbul. His founding partner, Darren Jennings, is the creator of the app Roastwatch in San Francisco.

On the site, there are good gear reviews and excellent instructional articles for you to become a professional in the world of coffee.

Also, there are book reviews and interviews related to coffee you can make use of.



4. Coffee Review


Are you a coffee drinker who needs to be more informed? Then, Coffee Review is the best place to satisfy your intent.

Coffee Review has been in existence for over two years now. It started with rating coffee based on its aroma, acidity, body, flavor, and aftertaste. And it is still doing the same in the present.

Coffee Review will help you enrich your taste choice and deepen your knowledge about different tastes.

In Coffee Review, you will see excellent reports, comparisons, and ratings that will keep you informed as a coffee drinker.


5. I Need Coffee

I-Need-Coffee-BlogMichael Allen Smith started I Need Coffee, nearly 20 years ago.

And it’s been true to its mission to help readers make their own coffee and fully enjoy the experience.

This blog provides tutorials on how to make different coffees and use different coffee equipment.

Not only that, you will find it interesting and informative when you attend sections on the blog like the Latte Lingo that consists of fun notes on coffee jargons.

On the I Need Coffee blog, you will learn how to maximize your coffee experience and embark on a fun project related to coffee.


6. Coffee Stylish

Coffee-stylish-blogCoffee Stylish was created by Danijela. Her aim is to help coffee drinkers brew their own coffee. And she does this by providing classes on how to maintain your coffee maker.

In her review, you will see tips on how to upgrade your equipment and so on. God information for coffee lovers who want to brew at home, and save at the same time.

Also, she has a coffee maker page to ensure her readers can make good coffee for themselves or for a large crowd. There are also coffee recipes you can make use of on her page, to experiment with your own coffee.

7. The Coffeetographer

coffeetographerThe Coffeetographer creates a wide sense of community.

On the Coffeetographer website, there are sections of music, arts, fashion, film which all highlight how coffee is very broad as a cultural experience.

The journal provides pictures, stories, thoughts of people from different coffee cultures. This journal helps all coffee drinkers feel they belong, and shows diversity.




8. Bean Ground

Bean-Ground-BlogMark Morphew, a home-brewing professional with years of experience, shares a lot of detailed and useful information to fellow home brewers on Bean Ground.

He provides a brew guide to help home brewers make a good brew. He created a section to pour over methods and guide to brewing coffee.

Another section is for every type of coffee maker with a lot of reviews. There is also the Coffee College section. In this place, he illustrates his own experiments and research about coffee.

9. Jimseven

Jimseven-BlogJames Hoffman, who created the Jimseven, is the author of “The World Atlas of Coffee”.

On Jimseven, he offers detailed information on different topics of coffee that can help both amateurs and professionals.

James also likes to engage his audience on his blog, which makes it interesting for people to read.





10. The Way to Coffee

The-way-to-CoffeeDo you want you to join in a quest to seek out unique experiences around the world? If so, join creator Resi on The Way to Coffee blog.

This blog is one of the best coffee blogs around. With the use of pictures to focus on craft coffee and the people who make it, she nailed it!!!

On this blog, there is a selection where she shares her observation from engaging with coffee experts.



11. Coffee Museum

coffee-museumCoffee Museum is a blog that brings inspiration. It serves as a virtual means of coffee. It showcases exhibitions of coffee islands, coffee lovers, memories related to coffee.

In the Coffee Museum, we have a section called “Cofffeeism”. There we have ideas, images, and artwork that are shared to inspire.

The museum has blog posts that cover a wide range of interesting coffee-related topics. Coffee Museum helps us to understand and appreciate coffee and its culture.


12. The Coffee Concierge

coffee-conciergeThe Coffee Concierge is fun to read and, at the same time, informative.

Creator Benji is an enthusiastic person who loves and appreciates coffee, and due to this, he engages his audience in very exciting ways.

He shares his experiment, view about coffee and he also has a book available for sale called “Coffee Hacks”.


13. Taylors of Harrogate

Taylors-of-HarogateAre you curious to learn about the people involved in growing, supplying and distributing coffee? Then Taylors of Harrogate will surely help you.

You can learn in-depth about each coffee industry, the supply chain of coffee when you visit this blog.





14. Caffe Society


Caffe Society is a good place to visit if you want to keep up with coffee trends. This blog is excellent for a home craft brewer. It has a section for providing instructions on how to make different types of coffee with tips and techniques to achieve great results. This blog is very useful to both coffee lovers amateurs and professionals.




15. The Perfect Grind

perfectgrind-blogThe Perfect Grind is a blog recommended for you. Its aim is to provide ways to make coffee better and easily accessible for coffee lovers.

If you are looking for an informative coffee blog post, this is the one. The Perfect Grind has updates about coffee production, roasting, consumption, upcoming coffee events, and a lot more coffee related subjects.

The perfect Grind makes it easy for people to produce and enjoy a great coffee products and buy them at affordable prices.


16. Kicking Horse Coffee

kicking-horse-blogThis is one of the best coffee blogs that make people looking for more. This is because the blog gives a real sensation of coffees through its well-written content that is educational.

It provides a credible and easy-to-use coffee guide. You can even find information on how to brew cold coffee and also, reviews of coffee products and machines and accessories.





17. Barista Hustle

Barista-Hustle-blogIf you want to gain a deep taste of different coffee, this blog is right for you.

The Barista Hustler’s blog provides information about different coffees and different tastes, different methods of coffee making, and much more.

This blog helps to create a coffee community in which other baristas share their experiences, and research based on coffee-related topics.






These blogs are provided to be shared and read by all  coffee lovers and aficionados for reference, reviews, coffee information, and to learn about the coffee community and its culture.

With this, you can find a perfect coffee experience with that perfect cup of Joe to go along with it.

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