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For people who loves gourmet coffee,  they are known as amante de cafe = lover made of coffee.

Why do people love to give gourmet coffee as gift sets? The two most practical reasons – and perhaps the most popular – more and more people like to drink coffee is because they love the taste, and the stimulating positive feeling afterwards. … We feel that coffee and its stimulating qualities, make people who drink coffee much more relaxed.

funny-coffee-gestureI personally, look forward to the next morning cup of coffee to get my day going, and when I don’t have, it its just not the same, and you know what I mean. When you have late work to do, driving at a late hour, or have another reason for staying up past your bed time, coffee can keep you awake and focused. It’s a great beverage for keeping you on your toes when you need it.

A hot cup of coffee makes for a great winter drink. Pour yourself a cup of hot coffee and sit beside the fire to stay warm. As you’re having that cup of Joe,
you’ll feel that rush of energy surge through your body, warming you from head to toe.

Did you ever wonder why people drink coffee with doughnuts? The trivia answer, is  not because of some weird tradition. If you drink your coffee black you will taste its  bitter flavor, and for many a coffee drink will actually goes well with sweet foods.

The bitterness caused by the acidity of the coffee, makes for a nice balance for the sweets in many breakfast foods. For many it’s also a good after-meal beverage. You can always relax with your meal partners, enjoy a some good conversations, and some relaxing time as you let your dinner meal settle.

Coffee is a great social drink for any occasion. Instead of drinking alcohol, or if it’s not available, and you want to be social, grab a cup of coffee with a bit of alcohol. It will make you feel good, get you relaxed to enjoy yourself at the party as your mingling with friends.

After many hours of research, I found out, that Gourmet Coffee and its accessories make excellent gifts sets that will excite just about anyone whether they are an occasional coffee drinker or a true coffee connoisseur. With a fresh and gourmet coffee gift set, you can give a gift that will be bold in flavor and strong in taste.

Gourmet coffee gifts for every occasion, in every size range, and every budget, you can find spectacular for your friends, your children’s teachers, your boss, your neighbor, and even your parents. Every one would be delighted.

Where Do You Buy Gourmet Coffee Beans?

In my experience, the best coffee comes from people who care. So, who cares about coffee as much as you do? Well, when you buy coffee directly from a (good) local roaster; you’re buying a high-quality, fresh roasted product from someone who cares, so you can come back many times over. Your first step in buying great coffee is to start exploring any local coffee roasters, or nearby retailers and trying their coffee.

If you’re not certain, then it’s time to go on line and review the the coffee you liked.  What’s important is that you choose a company who clearly says that they only roast coffee after you place the order. You don’t want them roasting coffee 2 months in advance of shipping it. This seems like a lot of steps to get great coffee, but believe me its worth it. That’s the nectar you’ll be waking up to for a long term.

How to Choose Good Whole Bean Coffee

OK, you know where to buy great coffee; now its time to learn how to choose between the options. Here is a couple of minutes crash course in coffee bean terms to help you choose confidently. Sometimes as we look at coffee bags that are covered in words that don’t mean anything to us. So, lets try to simplify what it really means.

Arabica beans vs Robusta beans

Let’s spend a few seconds talking about types of coffee beans so that you know where to start. Arabica beans are superior to Robusta in terms of flavor, and quality. Often grown at higher elevations; it provides the beans more time to develop their flavor. Robusta coffee beans may contain as much as 80% more caffeine than Arabica. Robusta beans are also much more disease resistant and can produce a much higher yield.

This is straight economics. Farmers choose to grow Robusta, even though it sells the coffee for a much lower price, but at a much higher volume. Robusta is mainly grown for companies that produce instant coffee and other lower quality, grocery store blends. You probably won’t see a roaster advertising their Robusta coffee. Stay away from it if you love great coffee.

Flavored Coffee


When choosing a flavored coffee, one must be careful of the quality of the bean being used. An interesting fact, is that the reason for adding flavor to the coffee is to mask the quality. This can result in the flavoring being too strong and taking away from the true flavor of the coffee. Flavor is only meant to add to the coffee flavor, not overwhelm it.

If you are into flavored coffee, there are hundreds of types of flavors, and I’m sure you’ll find some unique flavors to fit your coffee needs. You can get exotic flavors such as Hazelnut, Crème Brulee and Apple Strudel, Vanilla Macadamia nut, to refreshingly unique coffee flavors like Christmas Cookies, Banana Rum and many other flavors.

The coffee flavoring process starts with freshly roasted, gourmet coffee beans, which are 100% Arabica. Immediately, after roasting, gourmet coffee flavoring, ranging from the traditional to some of the most exotic coffee flavors on the planet, are added to the beans.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your regular old cup of Joe, you’ll find all types of flavors to kick your boring routine to the curb.

Why should I gift Gourmet Coffee?

Gourmet coffee” is an extremely subjective term, that can mean anything from your friend’s brew that blew you away that one time, to the most creative, carefully timed concoction by your local coffee bar. But by definition, Gourmet coffee isn’t made in the same way that regular coffee is made.

There’s everything from the first harvest to getting it into your coffee mug that has a higher level of quality than a regular cup of Joe.


This type of coffee is generally made from 100% Arabica beans, giving the brewed coffee a full body, fine aroma, and rich flavor. Regular coffee use Robusta beans, which are cheaper due to the fact that they grow faster and are easier to produce and are mostly used in main stream big box grocery stores.

So, why is Coffee an all season great gift?

From unique coffees and popular monthly coffee club subscriptions to coffee brewing equipment, unique novelty coffee gifts, and pre-assembled gift sets, can make an ultimate list of gift ideas for gourmet coffee lovers in your life.

We all have that one person in our life who cannot function without their coffee. And whether they’re the type who heads out to Starbucks
for their usual or the kind who’s always researching the best coffee makers, so they can’t make a fresh cup at home, these gifts for coffee lovers are sure to please._gift__

Coffee aficionados actually make the best people to shop for because there are so many trendy and stylish coffee gifts these days. In fact, here are
32 gifts any coffee enthusiast will enjoy — from top-rated products to editor faves, you’ll discover that a lot of these coffee-inspired
presents make great decor gifts, wellness gifts, and even travel gifts (hey, a good travel coffee mug is a must).


And the best part of it all is that all of these picks are affordable finds that won’t break the bank. If you’re a coffee lover and a pet lover check this dog feeder.  Happy gifting!


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  1. Oh me, oh my! When I saw coffee on my screen I knew I was in for a major treat! I’m a HUGE coffee fan and with all of this staying at home am trying to figure out how to make the good stuff that I’d usually order all by myself 🙂 could not be more excited by what you’ve shared here. I just checked and had no idea that the coffee I make at home is Robusta instead of Arabica! No wonder it tastes so much worse than my regular order at starbucks. I thought I was just doing it wrong. Well, no more! I think it’s time to gift MYSELF some gourmet coffee! 🙂

  2. It may be helpful if there was a link to a good gourmet coffee set. I’m certain many people wouldn’t hesitate to see the kind of things on offer. I’m not a fan of Starbucks, because their coffee seems to me to taste permanently burnt! But they’re massively successful, so I guess they are doing something right. 

    • Your correct Tom, Starbucks has good coffee, but there are better offers out there, with much better gourmet coffee. Thank you for your comments.

  3. Hello there!, thanks for sharing this wonderful information with us about teas. I  am a lover of coffee because I am  Huge fan of coffee and with all of this staying at home, I always try to find out how to make the good coffee  i am very much excited because I have learnt a lot here. I will also share this information with my coffee friends.

  4. Hi Michael – Great article on one of my favorite topics, COFFEE!

    Have you ever experienced Turkish coffee?  We tried it when traveling to Dubai a few year ago.  WOW – talk about packing a punch!

    We have a few local roasters w/in 15 miles of our residence.  Certainly appreciate your observations regarding when the beans are roasted and the impact to flavor.

    Thank you for sharing and hope you will share recommendations for coffee brands and coffee makers.

    • Great comments Marco. I’m European, so I did drink Turkish coffee which is excellent and I still drink it at times, but its a bit strong for me!


  5. I like the way you analyze your post in detail. Coffee is away nice for student or people who are preparing for a project, I just hope I take coffee because I have a dry mouth and I was advised not to. Now I know why people take coffee with doughnuts, I used to feel, it just the easier snack that goes with coffee like cookies too. 

  6. I absolutely love coffee, I cannot function in the morning until I have had my first cup. The taste is just the best. My favourite by far is the Arabica bean for the lovely rich flavour. A gourmet coffee set would be the absolute perfect gift to buy me any time of the year. I learned a lot from reading this and i’m sure many others will as well.

  7. From reading this article, I can tell that there are a lot of things about coffee or relating to coffee that needs to be questioned; like why people take coffee with doughnuts?… Getting to read the reason why people drink coffee with doughnuts, I was awestruck as I never saw it to be something of that nature. There is a lot to learn about coffee, and I am glad to know that you website is hell-bent on doing so (educating your audience about coffee).

    • Nelson, you’re absolutely correct. It’s all about information, and educating people about something that is important in most peoples lives, coffee! Thank you


  8. Hey there, it was really amazing going through your article, it was really soothing as I learnt a whole lot I never knew this much about coffee beans until I came across this, it was nice learning about arabica and robusta beans as well and I also now know what to look after when choosing a coffee flavor. As a coffee lover, I really found this very interesting


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