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Best Coffee mugs insulated are a must for coffee lovers, who wants to maintain the taste, aroma and the coffee hot during during their travel from home to their destination. Insulated coffee mugs  have an interesting history. Some of the oldest mugs discovered by archeologists goes back to the Stone Age, perhaps 10,000 years B.C.

These mugs without handles were found in China and Japan. Further research and discoveries, shows that bone and eventually wood were the predecessors to pottery. Around 1800 BC, gold, silver, bronze, and lead became gave way to newer and better mugs that actually included handles and became mainstream.In 600 AD, through their invention of porcelain, China came out with a mug that is light and are efficient keeping liquids hot or cold and are popular till this day.

How are coffee mugs insulated?


We all know as coffee lovers the same process: first, we make the perfect brew, then pour a cup, find a place to enjoy it, then the cup of Joe gets cold before its finished.
The main reason is the glass, mug, or tumbler that does not retains the heat efficiently, which can take away from your coffee drinking experience.

Insulated coffee mugs from different brands or construction, can be used to store coffee over extended periods of time and retain the coffee worm efficiently over time. Currently the coffee mugs, and tumblers industry are designing state of the art insulated coffee mugs which keep coffee at a pleasant drinking temperature for up to 6 hours or more without any additional effort the coffee lovers part.

How is an insulated mug works? –What keeps that coffee hot?


In order to mold the metal into the shape of a cup, the steel has to be pounded and pressed. … With foam insulation, liquid foam is sprayed and sealed between the two coffee mug layers to form the insulation between the internal lining and the outer shell of the bottle. The dual layer thermal insulation coffee mug, keeps the liquid hot/cold longer while preventing any condensation. Also, the double wall vacuum-sealed construction gives you incredible insulation, longer heat retention, and convenient handling.

Some travel mugs retain heat incredibly well. Even after five hours, the brew inside was still piping hot, and sometimes too hot to drink. They behave like a good camping thermos, because it’s made of double walled stainless steel and its vacuum-insulated for incredible heat retention.

What choice of coffee mug would you like?



Choosing the right coffee mug is an individual choice based on price, how, when, and where you drink your gourmet coffee, because not all coffee mugs are built to the same standards, or when it comes to insulation and ease of use.

In my research of different mugs, I was searching for a comfortable open mouth, heat retaining mug to leisurely drink in different environments, or while traveling. I tried a variety of double-walled vacuum sealed tumblers, glass mugs, along with stainless steel mugs; thick-rimmed, diner style ceramic mugs, and standard mugs.

I used a camping style thermos and a regular, thin walled ceramic mug as my points of comparison for comparative analysis, thinking that the thermos would retain coffee very warm and the mug being much thinner would lose heat much faster. After the research, the first three mugs listed below had consistently kept hot brew hot with small dissipation, and that was warmer than a regular mug, but cooler than a thermos.

1. Travel coffee Mug

Currently , there are a many choices of diversified travel mugs available in the marketplace, and choosing the best coffee mug insulated that suits your taste will be based on your individual  needs. However, heat retention properties and a tight seal are the most critical characteristics. Many times I found out the hard way after many of my travel mugs were ruined, you should always consider that your favorite mug you’re ready to purchase is dishwasher ready.

2. Coffee Tumbler




The word tumbler goes back to the 17th century. Tumbler, referred to vessel in the shape of a cup made of metal, with a round bottom. If a person would place this vessel on a table, it would roll, or tumble across the table, spilling the drink. Today, tumblers combine the best properties of travel and classic mugs. They feature the shape of a classic mug but are usually much taller and they easily fit inside a cup holder. Tumblers are an excellent choice if you need a coffee mug that can retain heat for a longer time.


3. Espresso Cup



The Espresso cup is also called Demitasse from the French for “half cup.” This small coffee cup holds about 2 to 3 fluid ounces of coffee. Basically, these cups are half the size of a regular coffee cup, hence the name “half cup.” These are used mainly in homes, and fine restaurants. They do not need to retain heat, because the coffee is consumed in a short period of time.


4. Classic coffee mug



Your most common and typical coffee mugs are usually made of glass or porcelain. They have the same diameter base and lid, and the handle is the one thing that makes the basic difference.

Some of these glass mugs may have smaller handle, which are not as easy to hold, and some coffee lovers will just hold the mug with both hands.




Coffee Mug Materials

When shopping for coffee mugs, we need to be certain with the choice of materials. Some retain the heat and flavors of your favorite coffee much better than others, so always do your homework before the purchase.

5. Ceramic




Ceramic is used for many high tech products including coffee mugs. This is a great material because are great because it usually lasts long and distributes heat evenly.

There are many diverse Ceramic coffee mugs to choose from, and its machine washable which is a big plus. Double-Wall Ceramic Travel Mug with Lid and spoon.




6. Glass



Glass cups, or mugs are plentiful to choose from, and quite attractive and elegant and that’s why many coffee lovers use them when they’re home. They also have good heat retention properties, but they are delicate and easily breakable, or prone to chip.





7. Stainless Steel



Most of the stainless steel coffee tumblers are used for travel mugs, and are safe from chips, cracks, or breakage. They all have tight lids to avoid spillage and make perfect travel companion for your favorite brew while driving






8. Stoneware

Stoneware-Espresso-Cappuccino-Coffee-MugsThis is the least popular coffee mug, but stoneware is durable and long-lasting, but this coffee mug is easy to maintain, machine washable, and some are attractive looking with diverse designs, and some with delicate hand painting.




9. Disposable Single use cups



Single use cups are very popular , and are used for short distance travel, for errands, or shopping where you can drink your favorite brew, and you can throw away the cup afterwards, so you don’t have to carry the cup with you while moving around. So, there is a use for these inexpensive cups when you need them.







Why do people have a good feeling holding a coffee mug?

embrace-warm-coffeeFor me, Coffee Mugs will always have a special place in my heart, because of the hot brew they contain. Many studies illustrate that wrapping your hands around a warm coffee mug in your hand can bring out warm feelings toward others. Include that with the great flavors and aromas of gourmet coffee elixir, and you’ve got a richly rewarding experience for most coffee lovers.It’s not just me, most of us will have a special, or favorite coffee mug we always love to use use. It has been proven, that we all have the tendency to get attached to our mugs or cups.

Below I’ve attached some of the reasons we get attached to our coffee mugs:

-They are inspirational

-Adds a little personality to our mornings

-It makes coffee lovers feel relaxed.

-It contains your favorite coffee

-Good feeling holding a warm cup of coffee in the winter

-Sense of ownership and confidence

-Brings out good memories

-Makes you feel comfortable like home

The Takeaway

I feel confident that some of the previously discussed coffee mugs will keep my brew hotter for longer time, some are high tech ceramic mug with double walled vacuum sealed, but in most instances looks and feel like a normal, stylish coffee mug you would have in your kitchen cabinet. Glass and stainless steel coffee mugs are cool, and they are modern looking, but they don’t give you the homey feeling like ceramic mugs do!

The diner coffee mug has retro beauty, but is it possible to have a heat-retaining coffee mug that looks great? It’s possible, but you have to search for it. I hope I gave you a small look into the coffee mug world. If you’re like me, and are coffee lover, you may want diverse coffee mugs as a vessel to carry your precious cup of Joe at different times. Below is my breakdown of how I would use a my coffee mugs under different circumstance

Traveling and office use –  Double wall stainless steel , or vacuum insulated travel mugs, or tumblers.

Home use – Espresso Demitasse cups, or glass mugs.

Short distance travel – throw away cups

Enjoy your delicious coffee nectar in your favorite insulated coffee mug.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.


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  1. A bit of mug history Michael – love it!!

    My biggest challenge with mugs or coffee cups in general is always to try and find the right size. I’ve lived in a few countries and always struggled with cafes and coffee shops that have really big mugs. I’m one of those coffee purists so getting just enough as opposed to too much is my thing. They can’t make everyone happy I guess but quality over quantity and something that feels good in your hand always works for me.

  2. Being a morning person, a cup of coffee is always a MUST to keep me energized the whole day. Thanks for sharing this article because I am currently looking for the coffee mug that suits me (and my personality, I guess? Haha).

    Anyway, this is a very great article, especially the fact that you talking about why people get attached to their coffee mugs, and how they can make us feel comfortable and energetic!

    • Zac, thank you for your comment on my Best mugs insulated post. Its great to hear from a fellow coffee lover. Hope you find that special mug

  3. LOL, I never knew there are particular mugs for coffee to keep the aroma and taste because I don’t take them. I have to call my boyfriend who loves coffee like no other to see this post and we check the youtube channel for more details only to found how that we have been using the wrong mugs for coffee, but it ok.

    Thank you for the post  

    • Thank you for your comments. Good coffee mugs are important for coffee lovers who drink coffee on the road. It keeps the flavor, taste, and aroma with the same freshness as it came out of the coffee maker. Thanks


  4. Hello there, When it comes to Coffee mugs Durability is the key to making a choice, For Density, porcelain tile makes it more durable than ceramic tile while being less subject to wear and tear. This would make it more suitable for commercial use as well as in the home. … Ceramic tiles are more porous and often have a higher water absorption rate. Thanks for sharing..

  5. Having a coffee mug that always keeps the coffee hot is all coffee lovers desires, with some achieving it. These insulated coffee mugs you have highlighted above are looking great. I am sure they will keep the coffee drink hot for a very long period of time, making it possible to still get a to enjoy a cup of hot coffee even though it’s long past breakfast time.


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