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If you think this is an instant frozen coffee your very wrong!

I have always been interested and researching new and innovative coffee and coffee products to share with my readers. Just recently I came across Cometeer Coffee, and I had to start researching this newcomer. It’s a new start-up coffee company with an innovative extraction process and provides a subscription business model.

Cometeer claims that this is coffee at its purest form brewed at 10x strength and frozen in a capsule with all its flavor and aroma captured in the tiny capsule. The new process is proprietary and extensive and it uses a precise extraction system which includes:

1.) The Precise size of the grind

2.) Coffee solids extraction per user cup into concentrate,

3.) Precise pressure used during the process,

4.) Exact temperature used during the process,

5.) Water chemistry and composition used

6.) Coffee extraction yield identical each time

7.) Specific roast level process used each time

Who is a Cometeer?

Despite these challenges, players in the craft coffee industry appear to be welcoming Cometeer into the market. The new company raised $50 million in VC funding, which helps the company scale quickly and begin successful marketing to consumers. It is using part of this investment to expand its operations at a fast pace due to high demand. Cometeer operates out of a 70,000 square foot facility in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

How is it Made?

The company claims, that the process uses science and is designed to extract coffee particles without the coffee beans grind into a concentrated coffee. The coffee picked for this process, is of the highest premium quality obtained from some of the best roasters in the country.



Twenty-six grams of the extracted product is loaded into Eco friendly aluminum capsules, sealed then immersed in liquid Nitrogen which usually reaches temperatures between -346F and -320F and instantly freezes the coffee into a small puck shape. This process locks in all the aroma and flavor from escaping through oxidation or contact with air inside the small sealed capsule until its opened.



The result of this process is keeping the coffee very fresh for a long time naturally and without preservatives. The shelf storage for Cometeer coffee is 14 months in the freezer, 72 hours in the fridge(not the freezer side), and 24 hours at room temperature in an unopened capsule.

Cometeer explains that their process is identical and optimized each time to achieve the same consistency for each serving. Their goal was to achieve a level of brewing perfection only achieved by famous cafes, high end restaurants, and great baristas.

What is the Brand’s Best Feature?

The Getting Started process allows customers to narrow down which blends they are most interested in, based on a coffee lover coffee preference. In my opinion, the best feature of this coffee product is the speed and variety of coffee types you can make with the frozen coffee puck. Below are some examples:

Hot Coffee

Iced Coffee

Hot Latte

Iced Latte


How do You Order Cometeer?

The subscription box will arrive every week, or two, or four weeks, depending on the frequency you choose at checkout. Once ordered, they will then ship the coffee packaged in dry ice to your door.

The subscription service has a wide range of boxes. Choose your favorite flavored capsule and subscribe at the price rate that’s best for you.

Customers can make a cup in the morning, afternoon, evening, or midnight session using a single cup brewing device or drop the capsule into hot water to melt it and add hot water.

As I mentioned, the company ships each box with dry ice. After the coffee is received, it can be stored in the freezer for up to 14 months. That is over a year worth of fresh coffee extract.

 Attachment Details Nitrogen-frozen-cometeer-coffee-delivery-package


Cometeer compares their coffee to a brew that is as good as those Starbucks creations. The capsules provide the tools, but it’s up to the coffee lovers to prove their worth.

How do You Make Cometeer Coffee

Each individual coffee comes frozen inside a capsule.

The Frozen coffee looks like a disk or a puck.



Let it thaw out for a minute, then squeeze out the puck into a coffee cup.

If you want a cup of hot coffee, pour the hot water into the cup and stir.

If you desire iced coffee, pour iced water, or milk, and ice cubes can also be added.

Cometeer Coffee Dark Box

These classic roasts are perfect for any occasion. The dark coffees are great for both black and cream. The Cometeer Coffee Black Box is for those who enjoy the rich, creamy flavors of dark coffee. The presence of toasty roasted flavors makes these blends a bit lighter.

When choosing from the four brands in this package, focus on the rich flavor profile of each cup. It’s never been easier to find luxury.

Cometeer Coffee Medium Box

A medium roast is sweet and smooth. It’s perfect for people who need some balance in their lives. Medium roasts are the best choice for serving a crowd due to the rich chocolate notes and longer roasting times. Medium is the key to savoring the best parts of each roast.

Are you feeling a bit indecisive? Cometeer Coffee Medium Box offers the perfect balance for people who are unsure about which to pick.

Cometeer Coffee Light Box

The Cometeer Coffee Light Box lets you enjoy the light and not rich flavors. These options are delicate on the palate and offer complex flavors in every sip. These unique blends provide a wide range of flavors, including sweet, floral, and fruity aromas. Enjoy the unique combination of light roasts and how it tastes.

Cometeer Coffee Mixed Box

If you are a first time user of Cometeer, it would make sense to try out multiple flavors from this brand in order to select the perfect flavors for your morning cup. You can play with acidity and base to find the perfect cup of coffee for you.



The Cometeer Coffee Mixed Box includes four brands and four roasts. Customers receive 32 capsules of 4 unique types( 8 each), with a choice of light, medium and dark roasts. That gives you a month’s worth of coffee that you can mix and match depending on your daily coffee consumption.

Cometeer Coffee Decaf Box

Are you curious to find out what’s in these roasts? This box contains decaf coffee based on the Swiss Water System process, Sugar Cane process, as well as other methods. It’s sweet, light, and flavorful.

There’s no shame in cutting back on caffeine – everyone has a caffeine preference, and this coffee is light to no caffeine.

You can lose the caffeine but not the flavor of this coffee. Are you ready to make the switch? To make it easier, get a Half Caff Box.

Cometeer Coffee Medium/Dark Box

These nutty flavors are balanced in blends with a focus on the caramel taste of each coffee. These unique blends are rich and chocolaty and show the dark side of natural tastes. The Medium/Dark Box brings a touch of luxury to your day.

Cometeer Coffee Light/Medium Box

This box contains 16 light and 16 medium roast capsules. Variety is the spice in life. These unique roasts are delicate, fruity, and easy on the palate. They make for a month full of coffee sips every morning.

The Light/Medium Box combines the best and most complex of these solutions to create a different and unique combination of smooth blended beverages.



Is Cometeer Worth the Price?

This brand is well worth trying out. Cometeer allows anyone to discontinue or pause subscriptions at any time.

Cometeer Coffee is still new on the market, so they don’t offer many discounts yet. They currently offer a discount on new orders to try them out.

This brand makes a different type of coffee and the feedback is that it’s very smooth. It’s very simple to make, and then mix with other drinks. Complex flavors only add to the appeal of this product. These capsules can also be stored and transported with ease without losing any flavor which differentiates this coffee from other brands.

Cometeer coffee is currently available only from the manufacturer at this time. Make a drink that is as good as those $8 from high end Cafe’s and restaurants. The
Cometeer capsules provide the tools, but it’s up to the customers to prove their worth by checking this coffee.


There are no grounds in the capsules and the aluminum capsule are 100% recyclable
No coffee waste since each capsule serving has the same consistency for each cup

These packaged pods are made sustainable with 100% recycled
packaging. All the coffee grounds used to make this innovative
coffee are disposed into compost.

Pros and Cons


  • You can make hot or iced coffee, lattes, and affogato.
  • High end premium coffee alternative to instant or freeze-dried products
  • Shipping is Free
  • Simple subscription service that offers a range of coffee roasts
  • Support independent roasters and farmers
  • After thawing at room temperatures, the frozen coffee disc can last up to 24 hours
  • Produced sustainable and packaged


  • There are no returns
  • Trials are not available for purchase once only
  • International shipping is not allowed
  • Although it’s a new company, there are not many reviews.
  • The price per serving is a bit higher

Consumer Reviews

Before I get into the company’s details, it is essential to mention that they have thousands of product reviews. Based on all the reviews, the Mixed Box has received a 4.7/5 star rating. The new process seems to be successful with most of the customers that tried out the new coffee.

This company is new and not featured on most site rating platforms. I’ve turned to social media to uncover the truth. I’m focusing on the comments from YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

One customer wrote, “I had medium expectations going into this – I was mostly interested in the coffee and hoped it would be decent, convenient, priced higher for convenience, but mostly just lot of hype. After the first sip, I had to open each capsule and taste them all. It was amazing.”

This company features a page that highlights all mentions on Twitter, in addition to customer reviews. Although some may find the subscription higher priced per cup, others feel that the quality and brewing ease makes it worth it.

Many feel that the new company can replace instant coffee with simple flavors and subscriptions, just because its very easy to prepare, but the brew is compared closer to a high end barista, or cafe.

These flavorful capsules are great for mornings when you want a great cup of coffee instantly ( nothing in common with instant coffee) brewed.

The Takeaway

I believe that this is definitely a different type of coffee from a different coffee maker, and possibly could be the future of coffee making. It’s not for every one, but at the same time, many coffee lovers will be addicted to this brand after they tried it out. What I found out, is that Cometeer coffee is the fastest high end premium coffee to brew at a moments notice.

All Cometeer coffee is available in frozen capsules that can be stored and used at any time. This brand offers a variety of frozen light, medium, and dark roasts in a compact delivery. This subscription coffee brand is new to the market, and I predict that it will go viral with most coffee lovers that tries it out.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.

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4 thoughts on “Cometeer Coffee”

  1. This coffee is new to me. I drink 2 cups of coffee everyday and I learned alot from your article here on Cometeer coffee.  It’s so interesting that its frozen in capsules.  Can you tell any difference in the quality?  How long can the coffee stay fresh in the freezer?

    • Hi Alyse,

      Thank you for your comments. This is a brand new and innovative coffee from a new company. The coffee picked for the extraction of the concentrated coffee is of the highest quality from some of the best roasters. So, the quality and flavor is consistent and better than most on the market. The freezer storage is good for 14 months, 72 hours in the refrigerator, and 24 hours at room temperature. Thank you


  2. The more I read through your website the more I learn about coffee. I am not much of a coffee drinker so it is a foreign territory to me. I did not know that there was so much different coffees. In your opinion, which one is the best? I will start off with the cometeer coffee and let you know what I think about it 

    • Hi Daniel,

      Thank you for your comments. There are many excellent coffee roasters, but you would have to search for the local ones near you. Some of the coffee brands that I like that sell gourmet coffee coffee include Illy coffee, Lavazza, Koa, and Hawaii Coffee company. I wrote about these roasters and after you read the articles you will find the coffee that fits you best.



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