Lavazza Coffee Review

This Lavazza Coffee Reviews will give you my candid observations about this coffee brand to help you decide if you want to taste and feel the joy at the bottom of each cup if this coffee blend is a good choice for you. Find the core of the review below!

Who is Lavazza, Anyway?

I wrote an easy to understand article outlining the differences between Arabica vs. Robusta coffee beans.
I recommend reading the article, in order to better understand Lavazza’s coffee blends, and what they’re trying to achieve.

Arabica brewed coffee has smooth taste, is a bit more acidic, and is sweeter. Robusta coffee bean has a bitter taste, higher caffeine content, and is used primarily in instant coffee, espresso, and as a filler in certain blends of ground coffee.

Lavazza coffee is prepared in an authentic, Italian way so that its flavor will not be compromised whether you use the capsules, the espresso machine, decaf, or instant coffee. They also offer whole beans, ground, and roast levels varieties for all coffee lovers.

Lavazza Coffee Reviews – Classico

There are many coffee choices when picking out a coffee from Lavazza inventory. I researched some of Lavazza’s more popular products and review what I found out. It would be more confusing to go over every single coffee type to understand what Lavazza is trying to achieve.

Lavazza Classico coffee exudes great aroma from the Arabica beans content and has delicious flavor that would soothe anyone’s nerves. The same texture was found in the grains, which were moist and slightly oily. Lavazza claims that the Classico range’s intensity is not very high, which makes it feel like an espresso. The medium roast Classico tastes a bit stronger than a regular medium coffee.

What captivates, were the sweet flavors that followed. The Classico is able to combine rich and sweet flavors in one cup.

Although you might not be sure what to expect or how to interpret it, you would pleasantly be surprised by how much you would enjoy this coffee flavor. You would taste and understand the differences between the Perfetto and Classico are distinct, and you would only know if you tried them both.

Coffee aficionados think highly of the full-bodied Classico blend because its a bit stronger flavor. The Classico coffee option is better priced, and has higher sales because of it.




More About Lavazza Classico

Lavazza classifies the Classico as medium strength, but it is much darker. This blend may not be for you if you are looking for a simple, smooth lighter roast. If you want to achieve the best result, you should experiment with the mixture, it’s the only way to really know.

The packet states that you should add 1 tablespoon of coffee to 6 ounces of water. If dark roast is your favorite, I recommend trying the Classico first, before you try a different Lavazza dark roast.

The latter may not be strong enough, or rich enough. Some products can be so perfect that you may not want to continue with other blends after you’ve tried Lavazza Classico. But many coffee lovers experiment with a few blends to find the best fit.

Lavazza Classico Public Opinion

The Lavazza Classico brand usually gets 4 stars from most coffee lovers. The espresso flavor was intense, and the sweet notes were balanced. This made the Italian coffee blend very balanced overall and attracts coffee drinkers that likes medium and bit darker blends. It is best used to make espresso, but it can also be used in any other coffee maker.

Lavazza Crema E Gusto Coffee. How Good Is It?

The Lavazza Crema E Gusto coffee is for you if you love intense tastes and flavors from your coffees. This coffee bean blend is a unique combination of Brazilian Arabica and African Robusta coffees.

The Crema E Gusto blend is rich in chocolate notes and has an aromatic full-bodied flavor that will satisfy your caffeine cravings.

  • Coffee blends that is versatile

This coffee blend has many uses. The best Lavazza coffee blend for drip can be prepared using a variety of methods, including drip, espresso, French press, and stovetop Moka. This coffee is high quality and has a rich taste.

The coffee blend is made from non-GMO coffee beans, which are organically grown without the addition of any chemicals. It’s not just great tasting, but it’s also safe and healthy. Coffee with a dark roast color is appealing because it has a rich in flavor depth.

  • Aromas that are well-balanced

The coffee is medium roast with an intensity of 7/10. It has a rich, spicy aroma. This coffee has a wonderful combination of intensity and aroma. This blend is great for those who enjoy strong coffee. It is a great choice for diner style coffee because of its earthy aroma.

Coffee lovers who are looking for a robust coffee choice will love this blend. You can use this coffee blend to brighten your mood or start your day. This blend creates a great crema top from the Robusta side of the blend. This is a great coffee blend for espresso.


  • A variety of earthy and spicy aromas and tastes
  • Use Moka pots
  • High caffeine content
  • Great morning kick
  • Coffee beans with a full-bodied flavor
  • Robusta-Arabica blend which creates a rich coffee cream on top


  • It has less defined flavors





Balanced Blend

The Lavazza crema is blended with 40% Robusta and 60% Arabica mixture. These coffee beans are roasted from Brazilian coffee that exudes a deep flavor, and other coffee varieties from Asia and Central America to give the coffee its creamy texture that makes that perfect espresso.

Lavazza’s expertise is mixing different blend percentages of Arabica/Robusta coffee, to changes the intensity, bitterness, acidity, as well as the taste, flavor and aroma of the coffee in every blend.

How to Pick Coffee

There are many things to consider when shopping for the best Lavazza Coffee Beans. It’s not as easy as people think to find the best coffee beans. This is because the coffee beans you choose it’s based on many factors, that results in great taste, aroma, and flavor.

You will enjoy a cup of fresh coffee every time you use the right coffee bean. Consider the following factors when deciding on which coffee bean to use:

  • Whole beans vs Ground coffee

When it comes to making coffee, whole beans are the best. Pre-ground coffee can seem like a quick and easy option but it may actually be lacking in flavor. The oxidation process is accelerated by air, which can alter the taste of coffee, and we don’t know how long it’s been stored or shelved.

The coffee beans are exposed to air when the outer shell of the coffee is removed by crushing and grinding them. It’s always best to use the freshly ground coffee within the 1st
few days for freshness. Whole beans have a strong and fresh flavor.

  • Size of the grind based on the type of coffee you prefer

Grinder size is also determined by the quality and taste of your coffee. Fine grind coffee is the best choice for espresso coffee. There are many people who prefer medium and coarse grinds, and that grind size its best for other type of coffees.

  • Caffeine content, dark, medium, or light roast

Different Lavazza coffee blends have different levels of caffeine. Some blends have high levels of caffeine, while others are milder to moderate. Your preference in coffee will determine the ideal amount. Lavazza coffee beans with high caffeine levels are best for those who prefer strong coffee.

  • Know what roast you prefer

There are three types of Lavazza coffee beans: light, medium and dark. Personal preferences will determine the best roast since this is based on an individual taste.

Dark roasts tend to be oily, with a bitter and roast flavor. Medium roasts, on the other side, are more versatile coffee beans and are a great choice when making espresso coffee.

You can also use these beans for other methods of coffee preparation, such as cold drip or French Press. The light roasts are specially roasted and blended to suit all brew methods, except espresso.

  • Packaging Matters

Coffee beans that are of the highest quality should be kept in sealed packaging. These beans can lose their aroma and flavor if they are not properly packaged. When buying coffee beans from roasters make sure that use airtight packaging, unless you consume the coffee in the next couple of days.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Italian coffee so special?

Italians take great pride in their coffee because it’s a way of life for them, and give it their full effort and passion.

Are Lavazza coffee beans made in Italy?

Yes, and No. Lavazza is headquartered in Turin, Italy since its founding over 100 years ago. All its coffee products and blends are roasted, blended, packaged, and shipped to all corners of the globe. The coffee beans are imported from the best growers in the world. This brand is a specialist in coffee, producing only the best and purest blends.

What type of coffee is Lavazza?

Lavazza is a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffee beans. It has a rich, smooth and aromatic flavor. This versatile coffee tastes great with or without milk. Lavazza Espresso offers a variety of blends, from mild to strong.

This allows you to enjoy coffee the same way as the Italians. You can brew this coffee in any form you like.

Is Lavazza coffee grown outside of Italy?

Yes. Lavazza imports coffee from around the globe for roasting and mixing. This includes countries such as Brazil, Ethiopia, Central America, Vietnam, and Kenya. Recently Lavazza started to import coffee from India, and there are some incredible reviews this coffee. After I’ll taste it I’ll add my reviews to this article.

Is Lavazza coffee strong?

The Italian coffee is always stronger in taste, sometimes more bitter if the coffee blend has a higher Robusta concentration. Lavazza coffee is roasted longer so it has the Italian aromas and taste.



The Takeaway

Lavazza coffee is rich in flavor and well-balanced. It offers a wide range of flavors and aromas in their blends so you can be sure that you will find the perfect blend for you. Once you’ll find your blend, it will be a joy in every cup of that Lavazza coffee.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.

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  1. It’s actually my favourite I never miss taking one or two cups of it in a day. 

    If you’re looking for an intense coffee drink, then saddle up, because Lavazza’s Gran Espresso beans are powerful. This bean was roasted with espresso specifically in mind, more so than our top pick, which makes it a great choice if you’re an espresso lover.

    • Emma you really are a coffee lover and a knowledgeable one at that. Lavazza makes the best coffee blends that ultimately makes great espresso. Thank you for your sharp comments



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