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For the last couple of years, we have experienced an influx of high-tech devices and technology in general. I’ve been a coffee and new technology geek for a while and I wrote articles about many new technologies to improve coffee making, grinding, and growing coffee beans. The SPINN coffee maker review is about the future of coffee brewing.

So in this article, I’m pleased to describe the SPINN coffee maker review, from one of the latest future-looking coffee companies improving coffee making through what we call the bean-to-cup process, and SPINN calls it the roaster-to-cup.

An interesting fact is that this company has been around since 2014 as a coffee subscription business that successfully sold the top 150 coffee roasters around the US on their Website.

The company wanted to further their goal to provide the best tasting coffee beverage to their customers, so in 2016 they started to develop a highly advanced and innovative coffee maker that can make the best coffee drink from their top coffee roasters. It took more than 4 years of development, but they came out with a winning product.

The SPINN coffee maker is a state-of-the-art coffee product that is elegant and will look better than anything else in your kitchen. Aesthetically it looks that good, but that’s not why you purchase this coffee maker.





SPINN Is Easy To Use

The SPINN coffee maker is intuitive, and simple to use and it includes an app that connects with IOS and Android for use with your phone. The coffee maker also can be used with Alexa.

You can use the interface of the coffee maker, but it’s also possible to wake up and tell your SPINN to make coffee for you before you get out of bed.

You could pair your SPINN with Alexa to order your coffee while you do your chores in your kitchen. These are win-win scenarios for people on the go and coffee lovers.

You can set up an auto-order feature to ensure you have the right amount of coffee for your next brew.

SPINN coffee machine will make it easy to remember to order more coffee beans when you are low. The company allows you to make multiple coffee subscriptions, with the machine being able to adapt to your needs through your subscription plan.

The optional auto-order feature in the machine detects low quantities of coffee beans and can order coffee for you automatically if that option has been enabled, now that’s sweet. This makes it easier to shop for coffee and allows you to live your life as usual without worrying about it.

Specifications for SPINN Coffee Makers

The SPINN coffee maker was available in limited quantity because of new product with a high demand, and I had to wait a bit to get mine, but the slim, circular design looks great in my kitchen with its silver elegant finish.

SPINN measures H13.29 inches x W8.24 inches x D13.12 inches. This coffee maker doesn’t take kitchen space. This is a very important aspect to consider when shopping for a new kitchen appliance that will fit in the planned space.

There are three options to purchase the SPINN coffee maker

1. Original – Only the coffee maker

2. Original Plus – Coffee Maker, Carafe for filter coffee-style drinks

3. Original Pro – Coffee Maker, Carafe for filter coffee-style drinks, Milk Frother

The NANO water filter will provide you with the purest water quality by removing any fluoride and chloride particles. This makes a significant difference for coffee taste, flavor and aroma to make that perfect cup of coffee each time.

These machines have a bean to cup process and were designed with a high-quality conical burr grinder integrated into the machine. This allows you to pour your beans into the grinder at the top of the machine and brew freshly ground coffee each time.




The grinder, as you would expect for a machine of  this high quality, can be adjusted to a range of 35-220 microns. The grinder accuracy will allow you to brew many types of regular and specialty coffee you desire.

The brewer has one of the most distinctive features is the patented centrifugal force spinner allowing the coffee grounds to spin at 6000RPM. There are few high-end coffee makers that use this technology to create the desired crema on top of the coffee. Looks good, tastes great.

This setting, like all the others, can be adjusted to whatever pressure is needed for the specific coffee type you want. For example, you can lower the pressure if you make an Americano coffee.

SPINN works with Android and iOS, and allows total control of the coffee maker from your Smartphone. The machine can connect directly to your WI-Fi and is also compatible with Alexa.




A nice feature I really like about the SPINN coffee maker is that it will detect when you’re low on coffee, and you can use the SPINN subscription database to your advantage to refill more coffee from any top-rated roasters you choose from their extensive list of local or national location.

Is SPINN Easy To Use?

This machine has a vision for the future coffee making, and is designed with the coffee lover in mind.

The concept is simple. If the machine is locked and loaded, it will make you just about any coffee beverage at any time from anywhere you happen to be in the house. Although it may seem obvious, this is important because you may not be in the same location as your coffee maker when you desire a cup of Joe.

It is important to ensure that your water tank is full. You can use tap for water, but filtered water from the fridge is preferred. The filter will keep the water free of fluoride or chloride particles and will provide consistent flavor and taste each time.

Here is where the fun begins. Once the machine is loaded and ready to go, open the SPINN app on your Smartphone to decide which coffee option to pick and enjoy. It’s easy to experiment and try new coffees you heard about, but never tried.


Everyone has a favorite coffee drink, after all, everyone has individual taste. It could be an Espresso! Cappuccino! Americano! Doppio! Lungo! Flat white! Macchiato, or the Classic cup of Joe! Or maybe it’s a 16oz carafe?

These options, and many others, are all available from any room in your home with a simple click. I’ve seen coffee automation, but SPINN takes it to another level.

This functionality is not only useful for those who work from home; it’s also great for any coffee lover. As I’m working from home as many others these days, I often find myself needing a cup of coffee. Just a few taps on your phone or asking Alexa for a cup of coffee, and you’ll have the coffee ready for you ( It would be sweet if it could bring it to you! Maybe in a couple of years of development they’ll figure this out too).

SPINN started with a subscription service of roasted coffee and has integrated this service into the app for a roaster-to-cup experience. This means you can order freshly roasted coffee through the app.

You can also scan the coffee you purchased for your machine with the app and be guided on which recipes work best for you (brew temperature, grain size, etc.) since every roast has a specific individual taste. It all happens automatically, because SPINN put some thought into the future of coffee drinking.

You can also manually take complete control of the settings if necessary. The SPINN Coffee Maker makes it so simple to experiment with different methods of making coffee so you can make the brew that you love best. It’s all in the app.

If you choose to have your coffee ready when you wake up, you can set the brew timer integrated into the system. This will fit perfectly with your morning routine.

So How’s The Coffee

I guess I was a bit excited about the SPINN coffee maker features but what it boils down to, is mainly the cup of coffee that ultimately matters. All coffee lovers are looking to savor a cup of coffee at home that has great flavor for them on a consistent level. It has an incredible extraction system that captures the best flavor, aroma, and taste from each coffee bean



After drinking coffee from this coffee that this machine the coffee is really good every time. There are too many coffee options to chose from, but its fun to try a few till you till you find your favorite. The crema of an espresso is a good guide for a coffee machine to make excellent coffee, and the crema from this high centrifuge spinner is as good as any barista can make in a coffee shop.

The crema made is thick, creamy, and silky smooth. Just a delightful drink! The carafe is a wonderful way to enjoy coffee, but make sure you use the finest coffee beans, or the roasted beans sold by SPINN.

The Takeaway

Many people love gadgets in the home. They also love coffee, and many different ways to make it. This is why I feel it’s important to make it clear that a lot of people were born with the love for this coffee machine.


  • It was a joy using this coffee maker! This machine could truly change lives. This is a wonderful piece of technology and it is fun to use.
  • It is so simple to use
  • It’s fully automatic roaster-to-cup


  • To get the best out of any coffee in this machine, it is important to use fresh, high-quality coffee.

The best part is that the results are amazing. This machine produces a variety of delicious coffees to suit every coffee drinker. At this time, the SPINN coffee machine is unrivalled by anything on the market.Spin-Pro


The Takeaway

The SPINN coffee maker is one of the most intuitive and convenient on the market. It’s simple to use and brews coffee quickly and efficiently, so it doesn’t take any effort.

This intuitive coffee maker has 3 models to chose from. Once you use this machine, you will enjoy the coffee it makes that you will not need to go to any coffee shops for gourmet for coffee. That in itself will have this coffee maker pay for itself in a short time. There is a 6 month warranty with this coffee maker.


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  1. At first I was being skeptical when my friend told me about it until she bought me one I really enjoyed it. 

    High quality. Liked it so much that I ordered two more Pro models for Christmas presents. I’ve been using the Spinn coffee machine for a couple of weeks now and so far I’m very happy with it. It makes a very good cup of coffee and it’s very simple to use.

    • Emma thanks for your comments. Its great to hear from a SPINN customer and user. The machine is precise, and the coffee results are excellent. Your friends are lucky to get this coffee maker for Christmas.



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