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Elemental Beverage Co’s is a newer company that created a buzz in the coffee industry for introducing a new process for a new cold brew beverage experience.

This new cold brew coffee process uses science for a totally different beverage experience. Because of this, this new product is giving a new outlook on iced coffees.

The co-founders of Elemental Beverage Co believed that there is a better way of making cold brew than the current but outdated conventional techniques of cold brewing coffee which compromised the texture, quality, and flavor of the coffee beverage.

So, based on science, the company came up with its Snapchill process innovation which converts hot brewed coffee into cold brew beverage in less than two minutes, which is faster than any other process and sustains the highest flavor and aroma.

They have a snapchill variety of coffee beverages that comes in 3 premium, single-origin flavors: Kayanza, San Alejo, and Kolla Bolcha.

The coffee beverages are well-packaged in twelve-ounce compact aluminum cans and ready-mix for drinking immediately after the hot coffee has been Snapechilled. The cans have artistic graphics with a style of watercolor; it gives the coffee a feeling of luxury and a definite wellness drink. The coffee flavors are quite different and impressive than you would expect.

The Kayanza Flavor




Most people regard this flavor as the most exclusive of the bunch, and also one of the most concentrated! The beverage flavor seems to have a good balance and depicts the body of the coffee as “boozy and heavy”. It is meant for coffee fans that cherish a well-balanced but bold cup.

Burundi was aromatic with some amazing juicy fruitiness. It contains a whipped body and an awesome citrus acidity.



The San Alejo Coffee Bean

San-AlejoThis flavor happens to be not as thick or whipped as the other two. The coffee was sourced from Colombia and has a bit of candied orange, maple, and some notes of peanut butter aroma were combined together to awesomely produce a whipped and sweet coffee that everyone would love to drink on a daily basis.

The aroma in this coffee flavor was strong but not overwhelming.
The Colombian coffee beverage was assessed with a sunny body. To some people, the favorite feature was the orange, candied finish after every drink.




The Kolla Bolcha Coffee Bean


This unique cold brew coffee flavor is grown in Ethiopia; it has a pleasing mellow feel that gives it a super energizing
aroma in each coffee flavor taste more uniquely than it does in an iced coffee, so the snapchill method works as expected.

It’s most suitable for a bright summer morning. It has a pop of candied original honey, and some notes of soothing lavender and fresh watermelon.

The Ethiopian was magnificently mellow with some amazing fruit notes. It was a bit more intricate than the other two. It has a sunny body and some appreciable aroma as well. I liked this one, but each flavor and aroma is based on individual likes, and each drink has its own qualities.

What is Elemental Beverage?

three-single-origin-beveragesThe Elemental Beverage Company is headquartered in Watertown, MA  and explores innovative thermodynamics creativity and trial-and-error heat exchange process to institute Snapchill™ Technology that provides a direct trade of premium cold brewed of single-origin coffee.

It was started by David Dussault, a cold coffee-aficionado. As an MIT expert, he opted to rethink the cold brew experience by chilling beverages in a matter of seconds to store and intensify coffee richness, artistry, flavor, body, and aroma.

The copyrighted process innovation merges science, artistry, and thermodynamics to convert freshly ground and brewed hot coffee to cold coffee brew as quickly as possible. The company understood that from the moment the coffee is brewed, it starts to chemically break down(oxidation) and it starts losing its flavor and freshness.

Proprietary cold coffee manufacturing expertise merged with Elemental Beverage Co. to enhances the flavor of any coffee – without oxidation, chemicals, dilution, or ice.

Snapchill Coffee Benefits

  • Distinctive flavor and freshness traits not commonly found in cold coffee
  • Great fragrance and flavor retained and sustained

Elemental Beverage Cons

  • It’s a bit pricier than conventional canned coffee beverages

Snapchill Process

Snapchilled™ Coffees are canned coffees that use a new method to snapchill brewed coffee and instantly chill the beverage before packaging it to capture the absolute best flavor. Snapchilling is a very different process than the common cold brew method of filtering the coffee grounds which takes up to 24 hours.

Typically, the coffee is made hot but then chilled immediately to a temperature of -100F in a matter of minutes. The advantage of this approach is to retain the more intricate tastes and fragrances that are not found in the prolonged cold brew process.

The Japanese Iced Coffee technique is the favorite for many people; this is where you pour boiled water into a tank filled with ice and over coffee grounds.

The instant cooling of the iced coffee makes it possible to retain the fragrance and flavors, but the result is diluted coffee from melted ice. It achieves a good brew, but in my opinion, you can’t obtain identical results as snapchilling since Snapchill Technology cools its beverage much faster than any current methods and the coffee they use is a specialty high-end premium that sells for $235/lb to $450/lb.

The fragrance of the coffee is simply what makes Snapchilled Coffee outstanding. Most coffees are brewed with a blend of coffees, while the Snapchilled Coffee is brewed individually from a single origin in regions like Colombia, Ethiopia, Burundi, San Alejo, Kolla Bolcha, and Kayanza. The company is totally committed to the coffee quality and the brewing style before packaging the Snapchilled coffee.

Many coffee lovers and aficionados commented about the unique differences in these three different coffees and were impressed with the feel and taste that set them apart.

Company Statement

Ryan McDonnell is the Executive director that manages the production of coffee at Elemental Beverage – the creative Boston-based firm.

As the officer in this company, McDonnell never wanted to manufacture a product with stabilizers, sugar or milk added; he rather wanted to brew canned, cold brew coffee that was the freshest coffee available when opened.

The first product of Elemental single-source coffees was introduced at an edition of the Niche Coffee Expo. Their display involved contributions from 3 of the most famous sources in niche coffee – Colombia, Burundi, and Ethiopia. It sells on the web at the rate of $30  per six pack.

Elemental Beverage doesn’t cold-brew its coffee, unlike most canned, shelf-secure coffees. Instead, it brews large quantities of hot coffee at conventional coffee-to-water proportion and pushes the brew through its Snapchiller processor(the machine that was specifically invented to instantly cool the coffee brew before packaging).

For commercial use, Elemental Beverage Company introduces its commercial-grade Snapchiller, allowing cafés, restaurants and bars easy access to Snapchilled on-demand beverages.

The company explained that the greatest challenge was the oxygen in every canned cold-brewed coffee. As part of the steps to resolve the issue, Elemental Beverage uses a nitrogen flusher (a device designed to get rid of oxygen in food canning, increasing shelf stability and decreasing oxidation) at each stage of the manufacturing process.

In the cold-brew industry, it’s not common practice to use single-origin coffee beans in canned coffee products.

Most producers reduce quality in the process by blending their coffee from different coffee sources to cut down costs significantly, but coffee lovers will know and feel the difference in the great flavor from pure single-source coffee.

Elemental Beverage has successfully launched canned Snapchilled coffee in 40+ Foods regions within the North Atlantic zone, which include Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Central Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Maine. This is the company’s initial delivery to big box grocery stores in the US.

The company offers coffee fans an innovative way to have a taste of freshly brewed coffee flavors with its copyrighted Snapchill™ Technology.
It was designed to optimize, store, and capture all notes, flavors, and differences of single-source coffee, and delivers a different tasting experience.

Buyers are commenting about the uniqueness, freshness, and aroma that Snapchilling has. The uncommon practice of using single-origin, high-quality coffees for their brews and the exposure they’ve branded for their ready-to-drink canned coffees, has resonated with their buyers.

The company’s premium single-origin, ready-to-drink canned coffees (Kayanza, Vista al Bosque, and Kolla Bolcha) can be purchased currently for around $5 per can.

My Two Cents

In researching Elemental Beverage I found out that they use premium coffee that is rated 85 points or higher on Coffee Quality Institute’s Q Grading Scale. Then they take that premium coffee and professionally brew hot coffee and then immediately Snapchill before it’s canned.

This patented process provides a totally different coffee beverage with a specific premium coffee flavor making snapchilling technology a success. The end result is a step up from traditional cold brew, and I  truly believe its worth a try.

Snapchilled Cold Brew is the most unique beverage, and distinct flavored canned coffee we tried.  They were able to capture a lot of the aromatics and flavor notes I love in traditionally brewed coffee, but in a cold and canned format.

If you have any comments, please leave them below, I’d love to hear from you. If you’re a coffee lover and a dog lover check this lovely dog feeder out.







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4 thoughts on “Snapchill Cold Brew Coffee Review 2022”

  1. Your article on Snapchill Cold Brew Coffee really caught my attention! Our family loves coffee but it has to be good coffee. When I mentioned to one of my adult sons that some just didn’t measure up, he suggested I give cold brew a chance. At first, I was hesitant. I like my coffee hot. But then he convinced me to try it. Honestly, I still prefer hot coffee. But the cold brew has a distinctive taste advantage. And, since I have an ulcer, it also helps due to lower acidity.

    Do you know if Snapchill coffee is also lower acidity than most standard brew? Can I heat it to bring it to a hot temperature that I prefer?

    • Hi Diane,

      Thank you for your comments. I’m glad you tried Cold brew coffee, and you would like cold brew much more on a hot summer day. It has lower acidity, and it helps me also with my reflux. Cold brew is made to be cold, and it will not taste the same if you heat it up. Thank you

  2. Snapchill Cold Brew coffee certainly sounds unique when it comes to cold coffees. Do you know what type of technology is used that they manage to chill the coffee in a matter of two minutes?

    Do you know what the shelf life of the Snapchill cold brew coffee is and whether it is short or longer than the convention way of brew cold coffee for 24 hours?

    • Hi Line,

      Thanks for your comments and questions. Snapchill Cold Brew Co. came up with their innovative
      commercial-grade Snapchiller which generates large amounts of snapchill coffee. They grind fresh coffee, then brew it immediately. From the time they grind the coffee it starts to oxidize, and looses quite a bit of flavor and aroma unless its brewed immediately. The brewed coffee can reach 200F, so in order to contain freshness and pack the coffee in sealed cans the Snapchiller machines chills the coffee down to -10F in less than 60 sec. This entire rapid process is to retain the highest amount of flavor.


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