Jura Automatic Espresso Machine

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Jura Elektroapparate AG is one of the largest home appliance manufacturer and distributor in Europe. The company was incorporated in Switzerland in 1931, and takes its name from Jura mountain …

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OXO Coffee Makers Reviews


Nearly everyone who loves coffee wants a coffee machine that is as reliable, simple, and, it’s good at making coffee. Many coffee makers do not check all the boxes, and …

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Spinn Coffee Maker Review


For the last couple of years, we have experienced an influx of high-tech devices and technology in general. I’ve been a coffee and new technology geek for a while and …

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VacOne Cold Brewer Review


    Experts have developed an imaginable way to make a cup of the cafe — French printing, cold brewing, vitamin-infused, or IoT-enabled infusions. As long as coffee heads and …

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