Cometeer Coffee


  If you think this is an instant frozen coffee your very wrong! I have always been interested and researching new and innovative coffee and coffee products to share with my readers. Just recently I came across Cometeer Coffee, and I had to start researching this newcomer. It’s a new start-up coffee company with an … Read more

Storing Coffee for Freshness


According to every coffee expert, storing coffee for freshness is key, and coffee beans should be ground immediately before brewing, because oxidation diminishes flavor and aroma in ground coffee over time. If coffee beans is not your choice, you can buy pre-ground coffee, but oxidation process increases at a higher rate after the coffee beans … Read more

Lavazza Coffee Review


    This Lavazza Coffee Reviews will give you my candid observations about this coffee brand to help you decide if you want to taste and feel the joy at the bottom of each cup if this coffee blend is a good choice for you. Find the core of the review below! Who is Lavazza, … Read more

Spinn Coffee Maker Review


    For the last couple of years, we have experienced an influx of high-tech devices and technology in general. I’ve been a coffee and new technology geek for a while and I wrote articles about many new technologies to improve coffee making, grinding, and growing coffee beans. The SPINN coffee maker review is about … Read more

How is Dalgona Coffee

Whipped coffee, also known as TikTok Dalgona coffee, is a TikTok term for this type of coffee because its been trending as a hot and popular coffee on this social media. Many coffee lovers are asking how is Dalgona Coffee? Dalgona coffee  (Korean espresso) was invented by Jung Il-woo, a South Korean actor. It’s been … Read more

Effects of Caffeine on Cognitive Performance in Sleep-Deprived Humans


Most beverages people consume contain caffeine, with some more or less. This is a substance that can be found in some plants. Coffee does not only have a unique taste but we need to look at its  effects of Caffeine on cognitive performance in sleep-deprived humans.  Consuming caffeine makes you carry out your activities actively. … Read more

How to Make Cold Brew with a French Press


  First, how do you make cold brew coffee and what is it? I’s a coffee brew made with cold or room temperature water instead of hot water. The process is to soak ground coffee in cold water and is left to sit for 12 to 24 hours. The mixture can then be filtered and … Read more

Nespresso Essenza Mini Coffee Maker


Sometimes, you find yourself at work needing an espresso to get you through the day’s work. Depending on the location of your workplace, you find that getting a coffee at a cafe is not always convenient. This is why you need to get an espresso machine that you can access easily at your office or … Read more